We invite you to explore our services for effective customer engagement.

Admin | May 28, 2024, 8:44 a.m.

We invite you to explore our services for effective customer engagement.

Dear Esteemed Associate,

We warmly invite you to dive into the diverse array of services we offer for optimizing customer interactions.

From WhatsApp to SMS, your campaign's success is our priority.

Introducing StarDotStar Software Ltd, your trusted partner since 1991.

Discover our comprehensive services at StarDotStar.in, including:


- BULK WhatsApp

- Voice Calls

- Missed Call Alerts

- Database Marketing

- WhatsApp Business API

Unlock the power of Personalize and run hyper local campaigns at IndiaSEVA.com.

Campaign by targeting audiences closer to your store locations.

Run campaigns across communication channels like WhatsApp, RCS, SMS and Voice messages.

For cutting-edge WhatsApp engagement tools, visit www.ChatIntegra.in. Chat-Integra is your go-to for WhatsApp Broadcasting and Automated Notifications, combining sales, marketing, and customer service in one platform. Leverage the WhatsApp API to connect with over 2 billion active users worldwide.

Visit SMSIntegra.com for unparalleled SMS marketing solutions.

Warm regards,

Yamuna Aravind

StarDotStar Software Ltd.


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