Send Mass Text Message Campaigns with a single click!

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Send Mass Text Message Campaigns with a single click!

Send Promotional & Transactional SMS & Voice Messages

Send high volume promotional SMSs to customers while ensuring those with DND activated are not spammed as per TRAI rules.

These are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service.


Capture Leads


Build opt-in database of mobile numbers by capturing it through Keywords, IVR, Missed Call & Short code, Toll-free number


Push / Pull SMS Solutions


Any organization can provide this service to their target customers to pull information by sending SMS. In reply, customers get a push SMS.

Whether it’s sending OTPs or triggering transactional alerts from your application, simply cut and paste our readily available sample codes to integrate easily.

đź’«Robust, scalable cloud-based infrastructure

đź’«Inbuilt redundancy for near-zero downtime

đź’«Intelligent routing technology to select the best possible routes

đź’«Secure SMS gateway, trusted by leading banks

đź’«Best-in-class SMS delivery

đź’«Direct connectivity with leading telecom operators

💫Unmatched delivery, whether it’s 1 SMS or a million


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