We want to help you scale up faster, Say YES to a data-driven business! Micro Market Data, Places Data

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We want to help you scale up faster, Say YES to a data-driven business!  Micro Market Data, Places Data


Data CategoryDescriptionData TypeUnit
cityLocation DetailsName of the cityStringNone
districtLocation DetailsName of the districtStringNone
hashGeospatial DataHash code (alphanumeric) of the gridStringPrecision Level
latitudeGeospatial DataLatitiude of the GridDecimalDegree
longitudeGeospatial DataLongitude of the GridDecimalDegree
pincodeLocation DetailsNumber of the PincodeStringNone
pincode_categoryLocation DetailsName of the Pincode categoryStringMetro/Urban/Semi Urban/Rural
stateLocation DetailsName of the stateStringNone
affluenceDemographicAvg rental price (category) for a 2 BHK relative to District of the gridCategoricalVery High/High/Moderate/Low/Very Low
affluence_pincode_levelDemographicAvg rental price (category) for a 2 BHK relative to the Pincode of the gridCategoricalVery High/High/Moderate/Low/Very Low
affluence_state_levelDemographicAvg rental price (category) for a 2 BHK relative to State of the gridCategoricalVery High/High/Moderate/Low/Very Low
HIG%DemographicPercentage value of High Income GroupDecimalPercentage (%)
Income TypeDemographicOverall monthly income typeCategoricalHigh/Medium/Low
LIG%DemographicPercentage value of Low Income GroupDecimalPercentage (%)
MIG%DemographicPercentage value of Medium Income GroupDecimalPercentage (%)
location_risk_labelFinanceOverall risk label of that gridCategoricalHigh/Medium/Low
location_risk(high%)FinancePercentage value of High risk of that gridDecimalPercentage (%)
location_risk(low%)FinancePercentage value of Low risk of that gridDecimalPercentage (%)
location_risk(medium%)FinancePercentage value of Medium risk of that gridDecimalPercentage (%)
distance_from_highwayAccessibilityDistance from the nearest Highway road to the gridStringKm
distance_from_major_roadAccessibilityDistance from the nearest major road to the gridStringKm
hospital_&_clinic_hubAccessibilityPublic Medical services availment hotspotsBooleanYes/No
transit_hubAccessibilityPublic Transport availment hotspotsBooleanYes/No
airport_countAmenitiesNo of Airport in a gridDecimalNumeric
airport_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Airport from a gridDecimalkm
apartment_complex_countAmenitiesNo of Apartment complex in a gridDecimalNumeric
apartment_complex_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Apartment complex from a gridDecimalkm
atm_countAmenitiesNo of ATM in a gridDecimalNumeric
atm_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest ATM from a gridDecimalkm
auto_store_countAmenitiesNo of Auto store in a gridDecimalNumeric
auto_store_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Auto store from a gridDecimalkm
bank_countAmenitiesNo of Bank in a gridDecimalNumeric
bank_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Bank from a gridDecimalkm
bc_agent_countAmenitiesNo of BC agent in a gridDecimalNumeric
bc_agent_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest BC agent from a gridDecimalkm
beauty_parlour_countAmenitiesNo of Beauty Parlour in a gridDecimalNumeric
beauty_parlour_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Beauty Parlour from a gridDecimalkm
cafe_countAmenitiesNo of Cafe in a gridDecimalNumeric
cafe_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Cafe from a gridDecimalkm
clinic_countAmenitiesNo of Clinic in a gridDecimalNumeric
clinic_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Clinic from a gridDecimalkm
clothing_store_countAmenitiesNo of Clothing store in a gridDecimalNumeric
clothing_store_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Clothing store from a gridDecimalkm
diagnostic_centre_countAmenitiesNo of Diagnostic Centre in a gridDecimalNumeric
diagnostic_centre_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Diagnostic Centre from a gridDecimalkm
event_venue_countAmenitiesNo of Event Venue in a gridDecimalNumeric
event_venue_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Event Venue from a gridDecimalkm
facility_countAmenitiesNo of Facility in a gridDecimalNumeric
facility_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Facility from a gridDecimalkm
farmer_market_countAmenitiesNo of Farmer Market in a gridDecimalNumeric
farmer_market_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Farmer Market from a gridDecimalkm
footfallAmenitiesNormalized footfall value in a grid (0-1 scale)DecimalNumeric (Normalized)
garage_countAmenitiesNo of Garage in a gridDecimalNumeric
garage_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Garage from a gridDecimalkm
grocery_countAmenitiesNo of Grocery in a gridDecimalNumeric
grocery_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Grocery from a gridDecimalkm
gym_countAmenitiesNo of Gym in a gridDecimalNumeric
gym_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Gym from a gridDecimalkm
hospital_countAmenitiesNo of Hospital in a gridDecimalNumeric
hospital_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Hospital from a gridDecimalkm
hospitality_countAmenitiesNo of Hospitality in a gridDecimalNumeric
hospitality_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Hospitality from a gridDecimalkm
household_countAmenitiesNo of Household in a gridDecimalNumeric
insurance_agent_countAmenitiesNo of Insurance agent in a gridDecimalNumeric
insurance_agent_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Insurance agent from a gridDecimalkm
jewelry_store_countAmenitiesNo of Jewelry store in a gridDecimalNumeric
jewelry_store_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Jewelry store from a gridDecimalkm
lic_agent_countAmenitiesNo of LIC agent in a gridDecimalNumeric
lic_agent_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest LIC agent from a gridDecimalkm
loan_agency_countAmenitiesNo of Loan agency in a gridDecimalNumeric
loan_agency_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Loan agency from a gridDecimalkm
mall_countAmenitiesNo of Mall in a gridDecimalNumeric
mall_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Mall from a gridDecimalkm
manufacturer_countAmenitiesNo of Manufacturer in a gridDecimalNumeric
manufacturer_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Manufacturer from a gridDecimalkm
market_concentrationAmenitiesCount of Markets in the gridDecimalNumeric
market_presenceAmenitiesPresence of Market in the gridCategoricalLow, Medium, High
money_transfer_service_countAmenitiesNo of Money transfer service in a gridDecimalNumeric
money_transfer_service_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Money transfer service from a gridDecimalkm
office_presenceAmenitiesPresence of Office in a gridCategoricalLow, Medium, High
office_concentrationAmenitiesNo of Office in a gridDecimalNumeric
office_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Office from a gridDecimalkm
others_countAmenitiesNo of Others in a gridDecimalNumeric
others_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Others from a gridDecimalkm
pet_store_countAmenitiesNo of Pet store in a gridDecimalNumeric
pet_store_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Pet store from a gridDecimalkm
petrol_pump_countAmenitiesNo of Petrol pump in a gridDecimalNumeric
petrol_pump_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Petrol pump from a gridDecimalkm
pharmacy_countAmenitiesNo of Pharmacy in a gridDecimalNumeric
pharmacy_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Pharmacy from a gridDecimalkm
police_station_countAmenitiesNo of Police station in a gridDecimalNumeric
police_station_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Police station from a gridDecimalkm
political_countAmenitiesNo of Political in a gridDecimalNumeric
political_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Political from a gridDecimalkm
popular_attraction_countAmenitiesNo of Popular attraction in a gridDecimalNumeric
popular_attraction_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Popular attraction from a gridDecimalkm
religious_countAmenitiesNo of Religious in a gridDecimalNumeric
religious_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Religious from a gridDecimalkm
restaurant_countAmenitiesNo of Restaurant in a gridDecimalNumeric
restaurant_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Restaurant from a gridDecimalkm
school_countAmenitiesNo of School in a gridDecimalNumeric
school_countAmenitiesNo of School in a gridDecimalNumeric
school_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest School from a gridDecimalkm
service_centre_countAmenitiesNo of Service centre in a gridDecimalNumeric
service_centre_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Service centre from a gridDecimalkm
social_service_countAmenitiesNo of Social service in a gridDecimalNumeric
social_service_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Social service from a gridDecimalkm
storage_countAmenitiesNo of Storage in a gridDecimalNumeric
storage_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Storage from a gridDecimalkm
store_countAmenitiesNo of Store in a gridDecimalNumeric
store_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Store from a gridDecimalkm
total_pois_countAmenitiesTotal No of Pois in a gridDecimalNumeric
total_pois_densityAmenitiesDensity of Total No of Pois in a gridDecimalNumeric
transit_countsAmenitiesNo of Transport stop in a gridDecimalNumeric
transport_stop_countAmenitiesNo of Transport stop in a gridDecimalNumeric
transport_stop_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Transport stop from a gridDecimalkm
travel_agent_countAmenitiesNo of Travel agent in a gridDecimalNumeric
travel_agent_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Travel agent from a gridDecimalkm
wholesaler_countAmenitiesNo of Wholesaler in a gridDecimalNumeric
wholesaler_distanceAmenitiesDistance of the nearest Wholesaler stop from a gridDecimalkm


Site Selection & Optimization
Dark Stores
Cloud Kitchens

Quantitative process to map micro market parameters, in order to understand socio-economic behaviour

Identify sales potential of a given location

Plan inventory for new & existing stores

Hyperlocal Marketing

Demography Mapping

Digital visualisation of any location, specific site on the platform

Study competition for clear benchmarking
Identify trends of socio economic behaviour, change in footfall, change in spends and more

Customer Acquisition
Increase in-store walk-ins
Online Purchases

Companies have access to about 0.01% of the actual on-ground data and tend to make important decisions based on Intuition rather than Intelligence.

Determine Potential to benchmark performance & understand market gaps

Identify new business opportunities

Plan Resources & Hyperlocal Campaigns based on opportunity
Create custom perimeter around the store such as 2km and set up hyperlocal marketing & analysis

Keywords: business planning resource insights intelligence solutions datasmart

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