Text Messaging for Schools and Education. Why Use SMS to Communicate in Your Educational Institution

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Text Messaging for Schools and Education. Why Use SMS to Communicate in Your Educational Institution

Text Message Communications for Schools and Educational Institutions

SMS for education exists to improve your processes, reducing the time and cost of administration. By automating your repetitive communications processes, you can focus your energy on being an educator.

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Whether you run a primary school, secondary school, tertiary institution, learning centre or training/education facility, you know that keeping all parties in the loop can be tricky. Sometimes plans change and people need to be informed. Automate some or all of your usual communications through SMS text messaging and reallocate your admin time to do the fun stuff - teaching!

School administration can be streamlined and improved immeasurably through enhanced communications and software integrations. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and even the most basic mobile phones have the capacity to both send and receive SMS text messages.

Using SMS for administration in education is the most appropriate and convenient way to communicate with the school or other educational institution's community: parents, teachers, students, and other staff.

SMS for Teachers, Schools and Communities

No matter the type of educational institution, you can use SMS text messaging to keep all parties informed of developments or last minute changes. Education text messaging can be applied to preschools, primary and secondary schools, universities, TAFE colleges, learning centres, community colleges, and other training and educational facilities.

Sample SMS Templates

Hi {parent name}, just a quick notification that {child} is absent from school this morning. If you are aware of this, please reply YES. For more information about attendance levels please go to {link}. {School}.

Hi {name}, just a quick reminder that this term concludes on {date}. Next term will commence on {date}. We hope that you enjoy your holidays and look forward to seeing you fresh for the new term. {Institution}.

Hi {parent}, parent-teacher interviews will be held on {date}. If you would like to book a time with me, please see my calendar here {link} and choose your preferred time. Book quickly, as some time slots are very popular. Kind regards, {teacher}.

Hi {name}, we hope you are enjoying your studies so far this year. Just a gentle reminder that term tuition fees are due on {date}. If you need assistance with making payments please reply HELP and someone will be in contact with you. {Institution}.

Hi {parent name}, on {date} we will be holding a school {event}. The cost of this event is {amount}. If you give your permission for your child to attend, please reply YES. Kind regards, {teacher}.

Hi {name}, we are running a reunion for students who graduated in {graduation year} on {date}. We would love to see you there! Please reply to confirm your place. {Institution}.

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