SUDAR HOSPITALS Timely, trusted and transparent. 30, Ayyasamy Street, Nehru Nagar, Chromepet, Chitlapakkam, Chennai-44.

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SUDAR HOSPITALS  Timely, trusted and transparent.  30, Ayyasamy Street, Nehru Nagar, Chromepet, Chitlapakkam, Chennai-44.


Timely, trusted and transparent.

30, Ayyasamy Street, Nehru Nagar, Chromepet, Chitlapakkam, Chennai-44.

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Welcome to SUDAR Hospital

Sudar hospitals has a Legacy of over two decades under different nomenclature. It has its premises in Chitlapakkam and Tambaram, and with a change in partnership, the hospital has grown up by leaps and bounds with more than 40 Consulting doctors who have a Unique Identity of service as their primary motivation.Patient care and satisfaction is at the epicenter of this Hospitals foundation. This Hospital will continue Timely, trusted and transparent.

Tambaram has established itself as not only an epicenter of commercial and educational activity but also has become one of the most important places in Chennai. Tambaram serves as the gateway to the urban core of the city of Chennai. The vast number of Educational Institutes, the bus terminus that connects different parts of the city to this Gateway, the railway station that facilitates the passing of all South Tamilnadu-bound trains have created a need for the best hospital in Tambaram to be available for the people living in this city.

Sudar Hospitals brings you exclusive medical care facilities for you at Tambaram. Well-appointed doctors, state-of-the-art medical equipment, dedicated paramedical personnel and the hygienic premises ensure that all your health care needs are taken care of in the most perfect way possible.

Our specialisations include but are not limited to cardiology, ophthalmology neurology, endocrinology orthopedics and a lot more. When you are in here, you are never away from the best hospital in Tambaram for all your medical needs. Should you have any requirements for casual consultation for complicated surgeries, you can always get in touch with Sudar Hospital.

Only Top Quality Services

The human body is connected to human emotions and we value both of them a lot! Considering the way each individual and their social circle value the lives and all the other aspects of healthy living, we make sure that we are uncompromising on the quality of Medical Services that we provide. The doctors at our hospital are not only experienced but also empathetic. It is not just about the humans but also the machinery and technology that make a Medical Services better, bigger, effective and accurate. The combination of technology, medical expertise and humane empathy makes Sudar Hospital one of the best hospitals in Southern Chennai!

Our Departments


We take care of every beat of your heart, and every blood drop that flows in and out of it with our experts!


It is all about the food that we eat! Our Specialists ensure that your stomach and digestive system functions properly.

Medical Lab

Medicine is science and science is based on data. Our lab ensures that we get the most accurate data about you!

Dental Care

Our dental expertise ensures that you acknowledge the awesomeness of your smile with a smile.


One of the most important and intricate divisions of medicine make sure your body is at its functional best.


We have not only the nerves but also their expertise in handling nerves to make sure your perception is awesome.


When it comes to orthopedics, we have immense expertise. In fact, we know it to the bone.


Treating children requires a different understanding of their sensitivities and senses, which are Specialists are aware of.


It is about the Way We See The Way You see. Our Specialists are here to take care of your eyes.

Intensive Care Unit

Our team of highly trained emergency-healthcare experts ensure timely services and continuous monitoring in the most critical stages.

Family Clinic

Treatment is not just about knowing the diseases but about knowing the persons, right? With respect to the care and concern that we have towards you, you can take the term 'family' quite literally!!

Hospital in Chrompet

Serving as a gateway to the metropolitan Chennai, Chrompet is always thriving with activity. The establishment of branches of commercially successful brands, the radial road, the Chennai suburban rail network and the Madras Institute of Technology make Chrompet an important place.

Sudar Hospital in Chrompet

Medical services are always in demand in Chrompet and good hospital with all specializations is an important need for the people living in here. Sudar Hospitals has taken upon itself to help the people of Chrompet. Our state of the art medical facilities ensures that all ailments are treated with the utmost care and without compromising on the comfort, both physical and emotional. Right from minor things like fever to major surgical operations Sudar has what it takes to give you the right medical assistance. Drop into our premises to experience medical care at its best.

Services and Facilities Provided in Sudar Hospital in Chrompet

Hospital Services in Chrompet

Chrompet is probably the gateway to Chennai in multiple aspects and even the expectations of people to have one of the best hospitals in the local areas is a testimony to what the suburban town has evolved to be. Sudar hospitals bring you the best in class medical care for Chrompet and the surrounding areas. Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus, experienced faculty complemented by the willingness to serve. All these aspects put together make us one of the best hospitals in Chrompet that you can choose to visit for small things like diagnosis and consultation to even complicated surgical procedures.

For all your medical needs, Sudar hospitals in Chrompet is at your service.

Hospital in Tambaram

What was once considered to be the outskirts of Chennai is right now one of the most important gateways into the city. However, it is as urban as the city itself. Tambaram is a thriving epicenter for Commerce and education.

A Bit About Tambaram

Tambaram is the home to many renowned educational institutions, and is situated in a place where the industrial pockets of Mudichur, the technology hub of Mahindra city and Shriram gateway, and the air force training centre of the Indian defence forces converge. Even apart from all of these, Tambaram is an important residential area and has provided a place that is a little distant and yet quite accessible to all the parts of Chennai.

Tambaram, in the recent years has also experienced a lot of influx of people moving from different parts of the state of Tamil Nadu and even from the centre of the city. All these aspects make the need for some of the best hospitals in Tambaram to be functional and to provide the best medical Services possible.

Hospital Services in Tambaram

Sudar hospitals brings you the best medical care in Tambaram. With the team of qualified and experienced medical professionals, well equipped laboratory and upromise that is uncompromising on comfort and hygiene, you can expect the services of Sudar to be impeccable and conforming to the highest standards of medical practice.

Services and Facilities Provided in Sudar Hospital Tambaram

Some of the best hospitals in Tambaram need to feature all the essential aspects that people would expect out of a hospital. Right from consultation to secondary and tertiary care, the hospital will need to facilitate. The best hospital in Tambaram also needs to have the best-in-class diagnostic instruments. The engineering awesomeness of the apparatus should be complemented by experts who can give the right advice.

Sudar hospitals, with its expertise spread across all the possible sets of medical sciences, is all set to bring you the best hospital services in Tambaram. Our team of qualified doctors, experienced medical professionals and well-equipped hospital and laboratory converge to give you an unparalleled medical experience.

Sudar Hospital in Tambaram

There are a lot of aspects that make Sudar stand out among all the hospitals in Tambaram. Sudar hospitals not only gives expertise but also imparts empathy. Our doctors do their best to understand what precisely your problems and act accordingly. More than curing your illness, it is all about making your experience the goodness of life.

Hospital in Selaiyur

Heralding East Tambaram to people who travel from Velachery, Selaiyur has marked its importance in multiple aspects. One of the most important aspects in which Selaiyur functions and epicenter is in education.

Selaiyur - An Educational Hub

The presence of schools like Zion, Christ King, Shankara Vidyalaya and Saint Mary's, and colleges like the Madras Christian College, the Bharath Engineering College, and a few other arts and science colleges in the vicinity, Selaiyur is a place of residence for many academicians and seasoned professors.

Sudar Hospital in Selaiyur

Seasoned academicians require medical care that is on par with their expectations. Sudar hospitals bring them essential medical care and every level. The diagnostic services also ensure that they can keep a constant check on their health parameters.

Services and Facilities Provided in Sudar Hospital in Selaiyur

Selaiyur is an abode of academicians and it is not a thing of surprise that they would always want to visit the best hospital in Selaiyur even for some of the smallest needs drawing from diagnostics until medical care. It is for this precise purpose that Sudar has taken upon itself to enhance the experience of medical facilities. Our hospital in Selaiyur is well equipped with the best apparatus and is perfectly complemented by the right medical professionals including phlebotomists, lab technicians, and doctor.

At our hospital in Selaiyur, you can be assured that you get nothing short of the best medical care. Our precision in diagnostics and expertise in medical care will tell you why we are one of the best hospitals in Selaiyur.

Drop into our Selaiyur premise and you will know the reason behind us being renowned as a top hospital in here.


Outpatient services

Dialysis Centre

24hrs Laboratory Services


Diagnostic Services

Blood Storage unit

24hrs Ambulance

24hrs Emergency Casualty

In- Patient services


Maternity care Services

Labour Room

Operation Theatre

Director's Message

SUDAR as the name implies will help glow the light of HEALTH and comfort in everyone who reaches for their ailment. A team of committed professionals in all front – DOCTORS, Para medicals, Support staff of health sector work together in tandem in SUDAR hospitals in time to recover the patients 24 × 7 × 365 days. A transparent and humanly approach has been the hallmark of the team in SUDAR Hospitals who has morethan two decade of trustworthy execution of health services in various levels. Your patronage for your SUDAR HOSPITALS to glow will shower the light health to all who reach trusting SUDAR HOSPITAL and its TEAM.


Sudar Hospital West Tambaram

Address:349, Muthurangam Road, West Tambaram, Chennai-45.

Sudar Hospital Tambaram

Address:15/4,Duraisamy Reddy Street,West Tambaram, Chennai-45.

Sudar Hospital Chromepet 

Address:30, Ayyasamy Street, Nehru Nagar, Chromepet, Chitlapakkam, Chennai-44.

Sudar Hospital Selaiyur

Address:No 1 Kannan Avenue, New Balaji Nagar Main Road, Near Camp Road Signal, Selaiyur, Chennai-73.

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