SHRI RAAMAKRISHNAA AGRO FOODS We also Manufacture turmeric powders with quality standards which is 100% pure.No: 4, Sakthi Garden, Nasiyanur Main Road, Karamadai, Erode - 638107, Tamilnadu, India

SHRI RAAMAKRISHNAA AGRO FOODS | July 14, 2023, 1:44 p.m.

SHRI RAAMAKRISHNAA AGRO FOODS  We also Manufacture turmeric powders with quality standards which is 100% pure.No: 4, Sakthi Garden, Nasiyanur Main Road, Karamadai, Erode - 638107, Tamilnadu, India


We also Manufacture turmeric powders with quality standards which is 100% pure.


Head Office

No: 4, Sakthi Garden, Nasiyanur Main Road, Karamadai, Erode - 638107, Tamilnadu, India

Branch Office

Attur, Tamilnadu, India


Nasiyanur, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone Number For Trade & Support

Office Number : 4242556669,

Mobile Number : +91 7402299900, +91 9443069900

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Welcome to Raamakrishnaa Turmeric

Shri Raamakrishnaa Agro Foods (SRAF) is a 100% Indian owned and family operated business that was established in 1986 as turmeric commission agent. From this humble beginning, we have grown to the largest manufacturer of quality turmeric products. Innovation is our driving force of SRAF, and it is our pride in producing quality turmeric products for a broad range of buyer: large supermarkets and health food chains and major restaurants. With a healthy appetite for growth, we continue to invest in new capabilities and capacities to bring innovative new products to market for our buyers. We purchase raw materials directly from the farmers across Erode, Salem, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh etc. Each and every process is strictly followed by us and we ensure that the material is pure and good at all stages of processing.


Our vision is to value our customers and strongly believe in catering to their needs. We aim at becoming not only the global leader in the industry but also an integral part of every household across the world.


We believe in lasting relationship with our customers. The success we have achieved so far lies in the relationship that we have built with our customers over the years and nurtured it throughout our journey.


Our goal is to produce good organic product. Turmeric which is grown without using artificial pesticide or manure is organic turmeric. Natural manure like compost is used while growing it.

Raamakrishnaa Turmeric

Our Process


Turmeric Story

Turmeric, a plant in the ginger family, is native to Southeast Asia and is grown commercially in that region, primarily in India. Its rhizome (underground stem) is used as a culinary spice and traditional medicine. Turmeric is used to flavour and to colour foodstuffs. It is a principal ingredient in curry powder. The colour curcumin extracted from turmeric is used as a colorant. Turmeric is also used as a dye in textile industry.

It is used in the preparation of medicinal oils, ointments and poultice. It is stomachic, carminative, tonic, blood purifier and an antiseptic. It is used in cosmetics. The aqueous extracts has biopesticidal properties. Historically, turmeric was used in Ayurveda and other traditional Indian medical systems, as well as Eastern Asian medical systems such as traditional Chinese medicine. In India, it was traditionally used for disorders of the skin, upper respiratory tract, joints, and digestive system. Turmeric is a common spice and a major ingredient in curry powder.

Curcumin is a major component of turmeric, and the activities of turmeric are commonly attributed to curcuminoids (curcumin and closely related substances). Curcumin gives turmeric its yellow color. Turmeric dietary supplements are made from the dried rhizome and typically contain a mixture of curcuminoids.

Raamakrishnaa Turmeric

Our Products

We procure directly from the farmers at their place and clean and supply them to the buyers accordingly to their needs. We also Manufacture turmeric powders with quality standards which is 100% pure.

Raamakrishnaa Turmeric

Best Quality

We place all our efforts and dedication to ensure that the spices delivered to our customers are of the highest quality.

We possess the most advanced techniques and technologies to pack and clean the products for better handling, storing and trading requirements.

We comply with all the rules and regulations laid by the authorities and are a Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) certified.

SRAF promises 100% purest spices with no chemical or artificial flavors.

All our product deliveries match the standards and quality of the test sample offered you in the first place.

We promise timely deliveries anywhere our client demands.

Processing & Facilities

All of our facilities are 100% certified & natural. The facility has implemented food safety management systems too.

With the high volumes of turmeric , we have invested in technologically advanced lines for material cleaning, blending and packaging. We have specially assigned experts to supervise the entire processing right from purchasing collection, processing, packaging to final shipment. We strictly manage the product quality from the appearance of moisture and colors.

Raamakrishnaa Packaging

Packaging is an important part of our manufacturing process and we make sure that the spices are packed in a way that they have the authentic flavour and the aroma sealed in the box. Packaging is not only just protecting a product but also deliver the real goodness of product to customers . Our packaging shows about our brand and also emphasizes the product’s best features and creates an unforgettable experience for the customers. It's a gateway that can elevate your product – and company – to the next level.

Nutrition Information

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Nutrient Database, one tablespoon (tbsp) of turmeric powder containsTrusted Source:

29 calories

0.91 grams (g) of protein

0.31 g of fat

6.31 g of carbohydrates

2.1 g of fiber

0.3 g of sugar

That same 1-tbsp serving provides:

26 percent of daily manganese needs

16 percent of daily iron

5 percent of daily potassium

3 percent of daily vitamin C.

Our Strength

One of our greatest advantages is our vast grower network – we currently work with over 900+ natural farmers. Our primary supply of natural products comes directly from its farm projects in few districts Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, Coimbatore and also few districts in Karnataka. Having such a broad and diverse supply chain allows us to always provide our customers with the best quality products that meet their exact specifications.

Retail Private Labelling

We manufacture range of whole, powdered and blended spices meeting stringent customer specifications. We take environmental sustainability and responsibility seriously. Our business is attuned to nature and has no irreversible impact on the environment. Our processes deliver products with minimum to zero environmental impact. We are committed to maintaining and improving our product quality and food safety standards. We ensure that all our patrons are made aware of our commitment to our environment.

"We Know the Importance of Brand value and equally Honour our Private level Brands."

Raamakrishnaa Turmeric

Private Labelling - Packaging Types


We are fully equipped to prepare products in a variety of package sizes and options including a variety bags and pouches. The Finished Goods packaging is as per customer specific requirements of specific colors, logos & packing material to minimize handling costs and enhanced product integrity. The presentation of a product can have a huge impact on how it is ultimately received. We have extensive experience developing every aspect of the process – from development of the initial idea using a pure spice to custom spice blending and packaging.

Private labeling offers our customers exclusive and effective branding of their name to promote customer loyalty while maximizing image. We deliver the highest quality products with your own brand. That’s what we offer to commercial clients through our private label service. Whether you are looking for private label spices with your brand name, you can count on us. SHRI RAAMAKRISHNAA AGRO FOODS (SRAF) offers a full range of high quality products that we would be proud to put Your Own label on. We have a wide range of spice products to satisfy all of your needs. We work closely with you to customize, formulate and develop proprietary products that are available in a variety of packaging (plastic and glass bottles, pouches) and sizes.


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