IMTP CONSULTANCY SERVICE (CHENNAI) P LTD Institute of Management Training and Placement currently known as IMTP Consultancy 1113-1116, 3RD FLOOR,NATARAJ MEDICARE BUILDING,METTUPALAYAM ROAD,(OPP T


IMTP CONSULTANCY SERVICE (CHENNAI) P LTD   Institute of Management Training and Placement currently known as IMTP Consultancy   1113-1116, 3RD FLOOR,NATARAJ MEDICARE BUILDING,METTUPALAYAM ROAD,(OPP T


Institute of Management Training and Placement currently known as IMTP Consultancy 



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About Us

IMTP Profile

Institute of Management Training and Placement currently known as IMTP Consultancy was established in the year 1997 as training and consulting firm for providing management and training support to small and medium scale industries. IMTP had signed up with Small Industries Service Institute which is an organisation governed by the Ministry of Industries, Government of India for a Joint Venture programme, which is one among the first in India in the field of Training Entrepreneurs.

Since then IMTP has trained more than 3700 students in field of Management and Information Technology in collaboration with Government of India. IMTP together with University of Madras and Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore conducted joint programmes along with them in the area of management.

In May 2003 we got our limited company status and were known to be IMTP CONSULTANCY SERVICES (CHENNAI) PVT LTD with its registered office at Coimbatore in Short we are widely know as IMTP CONSULTANCY SERVICES. Now we are proud to say that we are a premier consulting organisation in India with operation pan India. IMTP has helped achieve students to realise their dreams to study abroad for last 25 years. Many students have benefited from our experience & expertise. We have a wide experience in providing the best study abroad programs for students based on their strengths and weakness. Our tie-ups with the top rated universities across the globe put us in a better spot and give the students the best of the guidance needed.

We offer programs in Under Graduate, Post Graduate & Research studies in top universities across the world and give visa guidance which is very important aspect of the Study abroad programs in the respective country the student wants to go to realise their dreams abroad.

Why apply through IMTP to Study Abroad?

The key to success is good education. At IMTP we provide the best of the choices to suit your budget for an overseas education. A degree from the right university abroad will put you in better position to secure a good career. These days Students going abroad have a wide variety of Universities to choose from many opt for the wrong course at a university without a good rank and end up paying more. We at IMTP Consultancy services are there to guide you to opt for the best University in a country you opt for and also we put froth before you the pro & cons of choosing the right stream of program that will benefit your career.

At IMTP we not only give you guidance on your study abroad programs we also match your budget that will save you from spending more for an education abroad.

We have 25 years of experience in Overseas Education Consulting Industry.

Certified Education Specialist by the Government of Singapore.

We are appointed as a Trusted Partner by The British High Commission in 2006.

Our centers are recognized for IELTS training and exam registration

We officially represent more than 350 World-class Educational Institutions across the World and this number is growing every day.

Our counsellors have a wide range of experience & we send them on to various universities & colleges abroad to understand the programs and have a fair exposure of life & study abroad.

We bring in University representatives to visit our offices by way of Education Fairs or for Spot Admissions.

We provide the best of Assistance in Course & University Selection, Career Planning and Application for Admission.

Visa Guidance and Pre-departure Briefing for students with utmost care & perfection.

We have a wider experience in overseeing your Travel & Accommodation Arrangements to save cost and make you comfortable in your education abroad.

Meet Our

Executive Members

Mr. Sasidharan Nambiar

Managing Director (BBM, MBA)

He is the Managing Director of IMTP Consultants which is a 25 year old overseas Education Consulting firm and has won the Best Singapore Education Consultant award for India in 2009 awarded by the Singapore Government. IMTP is also recognized by the UK High Commission, NewZealand Embassy, USIS and Malaysian High Commission. Mr Sasidharan was born in Singapore and had completed his initial education over there. He is an MBA graduate from University of Missouri, USA. He has also done a PG Diploma in Personal Industrial Relations. He has 26 years of experience in the field of education consulting out of his 35 years of total experience. He has been associated with the Ministry of Industries (SISI) since1997. He has worked in Singapore and Dubai before coming back to India to start an association with the Ministry of Industries as a consultant in the field of education. He has visited Universities in various countries and is also a Singapore Education Specialist conferred by Singapore Education.

Mr. Gigeo Sakkarayas

Director (BE (Mech.), MBA)

Total experience of 25 years in the field of Education Consulting. He is an Engineering Graduate and has done his MBA from PSG Institutions, Coimbatore. Has been associated with the Ministry of Industries (SISI) since 1997. Has been doing Talk Shows on various TV Channels since 2007.

Arun Veettil

Advisory board Member

Arun Veettil is an international trainer trainer with over 20.years of experience in the field of education, training and management. He is the creator of 'FunTrsinUrBrain' , an innovative methodology to help enthuse students interest in learning besides helping teachers by equipping them with effective teaching skills. He has also served in management positions with international colleges for international student recruitment. He has trained over 500,000 students and teachers across Singapore, Thailand, Australia, UAE, Qatar, UK and India. Arun has received wide acclaim for his services both from international academics and media.

Dr. Varadharajan

Advisory board Member

Dr.S.Varadharajan, Former Director of Technical Education,TN has got 35 years of teaching and administrative experience in the field Technical Education. During his tenure of Joint , Additional and Director of Technical Education he has implemented Canada India Institutional Co operation Project & World Bank supported projects in Polytechnic Education. He was Syndicate member of Madras, Bharathiar, Bharadhidasan, Madurai - Kamaraj Universities, one of the Board Members of Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, National Technical Teachers Training & Research Institute, Chennai. As Additional Director & Director of Technical Education, he has implemented many reforms in the Examination System of Polytecnic education and many Self Financing Private Engineering & Polytechnics were established during his tenure as Joint , Additional and Director of Technical Education. He is Advisor for many Educational Institutions

Dr. Ajita S

Advisory board Member

Dr.Ajita is a Medical doctor with over 26 years of experience in the field of Ophthalmology. She has been on the advisory board from 2018. She has completed her FRCS from Edinburgh and is a consultant at Sankara Eye Hospital, India.

Some of the countries you can choose to study abroad with us:

USA - Flexible Education System, Academic Excellence, Cultural diversity, Excellent support system for international students, Lively and vibrant campus life.

The UK - Internationally Recognized Universities, Job opportunities offered by the UK education system, Quality Education, Unique culture, Scholarship, and Financial support, Strong research infrastructure.

Australia - Cultural diversity, Clean and vast surroundings, Friendly people, High-quality education system, Pocket-friendly cost of living, Lucrative jobs, Working while studying, ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students), AQF (Australia Qualification Framework), Acceptance from other universities for further studies, English as a major language used in and out of campus, Australia is one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students.

Canada - Top-notch education system, Lower tuition fee compared to most of the universities in the world, Affordable living expenses, Easily and accessible Canadian Student visa process.

New Zealand - International recognition of degree, Low living cost, Diversity in people and programs, Adventures galore, NZ is becoming one of the most popular studies abroad destinations for international students.

Germany - No tuition fee at public universities, Excellent higher education staff members and infrastructure, Internationally recognized degrees, Study programs taught in English, Great job opportunities, Staying in Germany after studies.

European Countries - Overall, Studying in European countries boost your career, Every country in Europe offers a World-Class education and research opportunities, A wide range of education options, Tuition fees are comparatively lower than other countries, Easy of travel and Explore the entire continent, Higher education systems-are well-respected and aligned, Option to study in English among other benefits.

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  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Dubai

Study Medicine in Abroad

Studying medicine abroad can be a great opportunity for aspiring medical professionals. It allows you to experience different cultures, gain international exposure, and potentially access top-notch medical education and research facilities. However, it's essential to approach this decision with careful consideration and research. Here are some key steps and factors to keep in mind:

Research Universities and Programs: Start by researching reputable universities or medical schools abroad. Look for institutions known for their strong medical programs and faculty. Consider factors such as accreditation, recognition, clinical exposure, language of instruction, and available specializations.

Language Proficiency: Check the language requirements of the country where you plan to study. Some countries may offer medical programs in English, while others may require proficiency in the local language.

Entry Requirements: Review the entry requirements for international students. They may include academic qualifications, standardized test scores (e.g., MCAT, BMAT, or UCAT), and letters of recommendation.

Financial Considerations: Assess the costs involved, including tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and visa fees. Scholarships or financial aid may be available for international students, so look into these options.

Visas and Immigration: Understand the visa and immigration processes for the country you wish to study in. Each country may have different requirements and timelines, so it's essential to plan ahead.

Quality of Education and Clinical Training: Look for universities that offer excellent medical education and practical clinical training opportunities. Check their affiliations with hospitals and medical centers to ensure exposure to diverse patient cases.

Cultural Adaptation: Consider the cultural differences and be prepared to adapt to a new environment. Living in a foreign country can be an enriching experience, but it may also present challenges.

Post-Graduation Prospects: Research the career opportunities and licensure requirements in your home country or other countries where you might want to practice after completing your medical degree abroad.

Alumni and Student Feedback: Seek feedback from current students or alumni who have studied medicine at the universities you are interested in. They can provide valuable insights into the academic experience and student life.

Application Process: Once you've chosen the universities you're interested in, carefully follow their application guidelines and deadlines. Be mindful of any additional requirements for international students.

Remember, studying medicine is a long and challenging journey, regardless of where you pursue your education. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons of studying abroad and make an informed decision that aligns with your career goals and personal aspirations.

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  • Georgia

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