CYNOSURE CORPORATE SOLUTIONS WE SOLVE YOUR RECRUITMENT PROBLEMS 5/42, Second Cross Street, Navarathna Gardens, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600032

CYNOSURE CORPORATE SOLUTIONS | July 21, 2023, 7:16 p.m.

CYNOSURE CORPORATE SOLUTIONS   WE SOLVE YOUR RECRUITMENT PROBLEMS  5/42, Second Cross Street, Navarathna Gardens, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600032



5/42, Second Cross Street, Navarathna Gardens, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600032


Contact: 8144222999

Operating hours: 9:30am-6:30pm

Operating days: Monday-Saturday


Cynosure Corporate Solutions has one of the excellent teams that help build comprehensive workforce solutions for clients. Our team members are dedicated to providing a personalized experience to every client connecting with us. The team defines the values of hardworking and dedication with its performance in every project. We are a perfect blend of diversity and values, which helps us go further and has supported us to stay in the industry for 18+ years. With our core values of integrity and providing excellence in our services, we have been able to come to the top of the industry remarks.

Get the best-customized recruitment and staffing solutions in the industry!

Cynosure Corporate Solutions has been in business for more than 18 years in Chennai, and it has a sizable network that extends to 20+ states in India. To aid businesses in boosting production and efficiency, we offer tailored workforce solutions.

We are renowned for providing recruitment solutions that are benchmarked and created in accordance with industry standards.

You receive thorough joining and screening procedures, clearly comprehensible SLAs, and other benefits that ensure both employers and employees have a positive onboarding experience. The recruiting services offered by Cynosure Corporate Solutions include skilled sourcing, screening, evaluation, and selection processes. For staffing and recruitment needs, our clients receive devoted team support. We offer our services to the FMCG, FMCD, retail, financial, and telecommunications sectors.



Industries Serviced

About Us

Cynosure Corporate Solutions was started by Mr. Vijay Venkatesh, who laid the foundation stone of the company in 2004 with a sole aim of making the process of recruitment easier and transparent. It is a name that has been winning the trust of clients for years through its organized operations for more than 18 years, one of Chennai’s top options for staffing and recruitment. We provide Recruitment and Staffing solutions across India to large and small organizations. Our extensive network spans 20+ different states and our teams successfully managed 75,000+ staffing requirements, totalling more than a million person-days, and finished 750+ projects. Owing to our well-organized database of technical & non-technical job-openings and job-seekers, we help organizations in finding suitable talent. When you partner with us for your manpower requirements, you gain from establishing best practices in staffing and recruitment leading to augmented outcomes such as access to talent pools, closure of positions within short time frames, consistent recruitment process management, and optimized recruitment cost savings. Our large network in 18 states and our capability to coordinate globally enable us to interact with a variety of business partners and find the finest candidates for each post.

Our Vision

We strive to become a leading player in the business of human capital services by providing HR services for startups, SME’s and large organizations. We also strive to help businesses take a better resource-optimized approach with enhanced efficiency and productivity and are committed to our goals and deadlines.

Our Mission

Innovating personnel planning and development processes for organizations is our goal. When we handle an industry’s human resource needs, our goal is to support their growth curve with high end professionalism and retain them with cost effective value added services without affecting their business operations.

Our Beliefs

We trust in the Integrity, Commitment and Innovation. Cynosure Corporate Solutions believe that with these three elements, we can offer our clients the best service experience while contributing to revolutionizing the industries’ human resource approach. 


  • Vast understanding of the Industry

Cynosurejobs offers trustworthy customer support because of its extensive knowledge of a variety of industries such as BFSI, E-Commerce, Automobile, Logistics, Retail, Telecom, Media, Manufacturing, Health Care, Infrastructure, etc. We are familiar with the business and industry demands of every job profile, which makes it easier to identify a relevant skill set. Our team has consequently assisted various firms in boosting production and efficiency.

  • Complete Assistance

We offer comprehensive process facilitation for clients, including everything from resume screening to hiring the best applicant. Our staff also offers full support during the orientation phase to acquaint the employees with the new procedures and duties.

  • Dedicated team support

Not only selecting the ideal applicant is what we do. But we also help our clients by offering solid labour solutions. As a result, we provide committed team support to assist our clients on all fronts.

  • Talent Acquisition

We are known for gathering the right talent for the right job because of our expertise and intensive research abilities. In the competitive world of human resource development, we cater to the need of organizations to get the right people to build an efficient and productive ecosystem. 


We have crossed numerous milestones since we were established in 2004

Developed a presence in over 20+ states in India

Worked with over 250+ clients

Fulfilled over 750+ recruitment projects

Handled 75000+ temporary placements


We have solved complex challenges to maintain consistency and excellence in the recruitment process. You can trust us to deliver results just like you had expected. We never charge from candidates and have built partnership ethics with clients who give us repeat business, thus excelling in our service and dedication throughout the years.


We have continually expanded our outreach, learning different practices and styles in various regions and developed a strong network of teams across India. Our teams make it a point to understand the nature of the role, the expectations of the clients and develop talent acquisition approaches to get the job done and executed well. 


Cynosure Corporate Solutions has been helping company HRs, and businesses build an efficient workforce for 18+ years. So if you are looking for suitable candidates with an advanced skillset, then you have come to the right place. So contact us now to explore the world of talents and skills to get a productive workforce. 

Why Choose Us?

We work with clients and requirements in different geographies of the country thus providing them with great flexibility in meeting their recruitment needs. Having handled 75000+ Short term staffing needs of clients we specialize in recruitments with large scale requirements and shorter turnaround time. The services offered by us also include Executive Search, and other HR aligned services. With extensive domain knowledge and rich experience in the field, we are committed to exhibiting our services with professional competency. We are backed by the comprehensive and industry leading databases updated every day.

  • Resource optimization

Cynosure Corporate Solutions provide complete resource optimization to businesses with its advanced recruitment services. We help you advance towards the most efficient and skilled workforce without dedicating effort or resources. Our team handles the complete process from recruitment to orientation which helps you divert your resources to your core operations.

  • Tailored solutions

We offer customized solutions based on the needs of the organizations. Every business and industry is different. According to the job descriptions, they also need workers. Cynosure Corporate Solutions offers a specially crafted workforce recruitment process to meet each job requirement. We search our database for the prospective skill set using the clients’ criteria.

  • Flexibility

When you connect with us, you can experience complete flexibility in your hiring process. Several industries only get seasonal demands or contract-based projects so that you can hire employees as per your requirements with complete flexibility. We provide contract-based hiring, temporary hiring and project-based hiring.

  • A wide range of services

We provide you with a full range of services, including executive search, senior and middle management hiring, market intelligence, and interim management.

  • Bridging the gap

For employers and employees, we work as the bridge between the people looking for skilled candidates and those who have the skills to do the job skilfully.

  • Broad database

To meet the needs of our customer base on both ends, we have a sizable database of individuals and job profiles. Additionally, our strong network in 20+ states and liaising at a greater level enable us to engage with various corporate partners in order to create the appropriate people for the right jobs.

  • Exposure to a range of industries

With more than 20+ years of expertise in the field, we are among Chennai’s top staffing and recruitment firms. Our teams have successfully managed 50000+ workforce requirements for large to small businesses and completed 750+ projects with flying colours.

We are always open. Let us connect and talk business!

Why do you need our Recruitment Services?

In today’s competitive world, the number of workers needed varies by industry and demand. In order to discover the best candidates for the job profiles, organizations must allocate separate resources. The firms must invest a significant amount of time, money, and effort in this in addition to their core duties.

We have assisted various businesses in lowering their administrative expenses and liabilities related to human resource management. We can assist you whether you need mass recruitment for temporary staffing or contract hiring. The team at Cynosure Corporate Solutions is committed to providing clients with the best staffing options. We are aiming to create a platform where businesses can find workforce solutions that are uniquely suited to them in order to increase performance and productivity. Human resources are the foundation of any business enterprise. The main goal of Cynosure Corporate Solutions is to provide dedicated support for creating a productive workforce with a competitive edge. To get more information about our services, contact us now. 

Our Process

We have a well-structured process to help your clients get the best outcomes.

  • Discussion

The process begins with a discussion where we try to understand your business requirements and expectations from the candidates. Then, our team deeply looks at the industry to understand the required skillset and talent to do the job efficiently. Moreover, we try to understand the work culture to find a candidate who fits it perfectly.

  • Process design

Next, we begin our process design for hire. Here we set the candidature and standards for the job position we are hiring for. Again, it is done through the previously collected data.

  • Database research and screening

The next step is database research, where we look for potential candidates and begin the screening process of resumes as per the job requirements.

  • Interviewing and selection

       Our experts begin the interview process, and further selection is ensured as per the performance of the candidates.  



Services Offered

We offer an inclusive yet diverse spectrum of services. Our complete set of services focuses on building a platform where employers can find suitable candidates without going into trouble and resource consumption of the complete recruitment process. After several checks and tests, our team ultimately decides on the most valuable skill set for the required job. Cynosure Corporate Solutions also offers solutions for permanent staffing. A permanent employee must be committed to working with you for a long time and have a good skill set. Because of this, we provide exceptionally reliable permanent labour choices for demanding projects.

Demand increases for many businesses at particular seasons. In such a situation, the available labour force cannot keep up with operations and production needs. Cynosure Corporate Solutions provides seasonal employment solutions to assist businesses in meeting their staffing needs during peak times. If your businesses operate on projects, the labour needs will alter as necessary. Using the comprehensive suite of project-based hiring services offered by us, businesses can find the required human resource on a project basis. We also provide tailored headhunting services for your company, helping you develop a senior-level workforce across various industries while we comprehend the essential personnel tasks. We provide placement assistance for individuals with the necessary skills and skill sets. Additionally, we have a sizable network of businesses that we can use to find people with the most significant career opportunities. 


Cynosure Corporate Solutions recruitment service guarantees that the ideal individual will be found from the pool of prospective leads. Our team finally settles on the most effective skill set for the desired work after conducting numerous checks and tests. As a result, we have helped numerous prestigious businesses and significant corporations develop highly effective workforces.

Permanent Staffing

Finding a recruitment agency is a tough choice, when you select us, you’ve made the right choice. We always make sure you get the best quality of services, since this is our core strength for years. Compromising on quality never was/is an option with us. We specialize in IT and non – IT recruitment services as per specific requirements given to us by budding to well-established companies in Chennai, and provide resources that are suited and productive. Our services possess a subscription of the commonly used portals along with the others to fetch multiple candidates. We also efficiently use social media to attract top candidates with an aim of enhancing their career. We make our processes simple and effective. From selecting the right candidates to making the right choice, whichever position they might be i.e. entry level, mid-level, senior level, we are happy to help with the process.

We have multiple posting for all the job roles we work on and it is only a click away. The Job descriptions and details are mentioned so candidates can easily apply for the same. 

Reasons to choose our services:

  • We ensure to provide you with best candidates at all times, so they are appropriate for your job venture.
  • We support clients with their current and future positions
  • We offer help from recruited candidates to tackle challenges.
  • We bridge the gap between clients and candidates to run business effectively and efficiently.
  • The entire process is done smoothly, the client makes the final decision
  • We carry out other formalities before joining
  • We stick to time schedules given by our client
  • We provide the best.

Contract Staffing

We are a contract staffing agency that deals with short term employment ranging from 3 months to 1 year. We provide our clients with cost effective and efficient candidates who will be able to perform the job role well. The demand for contractual agencies are increasing and we are here at the right moment. Clients look for service providers who are able to collaborate and partner between employers and contract recruitment. We help clients get their resources in a short span of time and make sure their needs are met just the way they expect. Getting short term candidates helps businesses have their flexibility, and this can be achieved by us, as we have years of experience in the same. We follow a disciplined process in the recruitment of temporary candidates as we do with permanent ones and the candidates we have in our updated database are willing to work on diverse roles. Being in the industry for years, we are able to immediately assess the business needs and objectives and provide resources that are productive and effective accordingly. 

Contract to Hire

Contract to hire give organizations the opportunity to evaluate a candidate over a period of time before onboarding them at the end of the contract term. Contract to hire enables companies to determine not only the candidate’s competency, but also cultural and behavioral fit.

Reasons to choose our services:

  • We never charge candidates and offer rates for our services that are the best in the market.
  • Since we have a large database, we can send candidates to your location or wherever you need them.
  • We always maintain quality, some of our contract staff are as qualified as the permanent ones. You can be confident about their capability.
  • We supply manpower in the quickest time possible.
  • We make sure there is no delay of any sort, so there is minimum lead time.
  • We always strive to work in a manner that brings satisfaction from the clients and the candidates. 

Seasonal Hiring

We have managed staffing needs for many new businesses, expansions of existing businesses, seasonal, promotional and closed industry events. We leverage our reach and ability to attract qualified candidates for such roles. Our company’s recruiters helps to find quality talent more easily and quickly. It’s about phasing in thousands of people for upcoming projects. 

Temporary Hiring

Cynosure Corporate Solutions has successfully provided strategic consulting and talent solutions to leading companies across India. Technology drives our passion and commitment to helping organizations do what they set out to do. When we get involved, we bring new ideas that help you improve your performance, Hone your strategy, and recharge your batteries. The future and how we get there depends on those who build, connect, create and transform our world. The most successful and innovative companies are already doing this and we are trained experts to provide you with the resources you need to thrive. 

Project based Hiring

The requirements for project-based contracting are increasing. With the development of several new projects, contracting has increased in recent times. At Cynosure Corporate Solutions, we help you recruit contract workers who have the skills to meet your immediate needs. If you are looking for project-based employment, we can help you on a timely basis. Work culture is constantly evolving over time. It is important for every company to understand that there is a lack of qualified employees who commit themselves to an organization in the long term. Companies have urgent needs when it comes to a project that requires special skills. This need has led to an increase in hiring for project-based positions that offer companies multiple flexibility options. You’ll get the results you want from these hired resources, but don’t have the additional responsibilities and obligations of a regular employee.

Reasons to choose our services:

  • Total loyalty to the specific requirements of the job.
  • We provide employees willing to follow company policies.
  • Our team has in-depth knowledge of different working styles that will bring you the best resource.
  • We help you judge an employee in advance, which can lead to a fruitful permanent position in later phases.
  • There are times when clients need candidates immediately. We are experts in recruiting candidates on an immediate       basis.
  • Our rates are the best in the market
  • We help find replacements immediately
  • We select candidates based on company preferences.

Until now, we have offered our services to 750+ projects where we have successfully helped build an efficient workforce which provides evident increase in productivity. Moreover, with 18+ years of experience in the industry, we have gained expertise in recruitment and workforce planning services. So contact us now, for the best workforce building services. 

Job Seekers

Cynosure jobs Hiring


Are you looking for a career change? Are you a skilled individual looking for a good career option? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Cynosure Corporate Solutions offers customized recruitment and placements services to top industry leaders, where we hire skilled candidates and help them land their dream jobs. We have 18+ years of experience where we have worked on 750+ projects and have hired hundreds of candidates per their skill set for the best roles. So, if you believe you have the potential and skillset, contact us now. With our leads and service expertise, we will help you in landing your dream profile.

Our Process

  • Discussion

The process begins with a discussion where one of our team members will understand your career aspirations and needs. Then, we will help you diversify your knowledge about the industries while we understand your requirements.

  • Send us your resume

The next step is sending your resume and CV to us. So that we can connect your resume and other required information with our database, our team members will also assist you in better resume building as per the required industry standards.

  • Database research

We will conduct thorough database research to see the employer needs which match your skillset and career aspirations.

  • Screening and interview

Then, we will assist you towards the screening and interview.

  • Selection and orientation

At last, as per your performance, you will be selected, and our team will provide complete orientation to help you easily transmit to your job position. 

Why choose our Services?

  • Vast industry expertise

We have specialized experts for diverse industries to conduct the screening and interviewing.

  • Experience experts

Our experts have more than 18 years of experience in the industry.

  • Flexibility in career

When you connect with us, you can get complete flexibility in your career goals.

  • The benefit of our network

We work as a bridge between your dream job profile and the requirements of the businesses. 

We're more than just a workplace. We're a family.

We know that finding a meaningful and rewarding job can be a long journey. Our goal is to make that process as easy as possible for you, and to create a work environment that's satisfying - one where you'll look forward to coming to every day. Start your journey with us by browsing available jobs.View Openings


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