Conway Water Purifier Private Limited No.4/124 B, Agarwal School Road, 2nd Street (Right), KNG Puthur Pirivu, Kanuvai (PO), Coimbatore – 641 108.

Conway Water Purifier Private Limited | June 3, 2023, 5:45 p.m.

Conway Water Purifier Private Limited No.4/124 B, Agarwal School Road, 2nd Street (Right), KNG Puthur Pirivu, Kanuvai (PO), Coimbatore – 641 108.

 Conway Water Purifier Private Limited



No.4/124 B, Agarwal School Road, 2nd Street (Right), KNG Puthur Pirivu, Kanuvai (PO), Coimbatore – 641 108.

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With TV commercials depicting RO as the best water purification solution, customers blindly buy one without knowing that not one type of water purifier can purify different qualities of water across the country. Hence it is imperative that you choose between RO, Ozone or UV, depending on your area’s water composition.

Educating customers on the effective usage of available purification methods depending on the water quality and offering customized water purifier and cooler/dispenser, is Conway Water Purifier, a Coimbatore-based startup.

“We are the first company in India to offer customized solutions for purifiers. Since water is different everywhere and everyone’s needs are too, Conway understands offers solutions according to customer’s needs,” says S. Ravi Chandran, Managing Director, Conway Water Purifier. Conway is a member of India Water Quality Association.

We at Conway makes customized stainless steel water purifier | cooler | dispenser for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Industries, Group Dwelling, etc…


Established as a manufacturer of customized water purifier, cooler/dispenser, and bottled water dispenser since 2017, the company has emerged as a one-stop-shop delivering customized products for all drinking water purification/treatment needs, based on raw water quality, requirement and usage. By performing a comprehensive study on raw water quality infrastructure, Conway accordingly designs products through the way of purity aesthetics for 100 percent customer satisfaction. The company has in place a great infrastructure and a professional team who has over two decades of hands-on experience in water purifying industry for implementing customer’s concerned options for their purifier, Cooler / Dispenser

Keeping in mind the longevity of products and value of hard-earned money of customers, Conway focuses on making products in stainless steel with full frame construction that lasts for 10-15 years. The company makes RO/UV/Ozone stainless steel water cooler/dispenser, and water purifier with outlets for warm, cold and hot water. These products have microcontroller- based PCB and preventive maintenance information display to ensure 100 percent purity. At Conway, all products pass quality check right from raw material purchase to final product, and come with one year onsite warranty.

“In one year, we have developed over 100 customized products and those are working extremely well at customer’s site,” claimed S. Ravi Chandran, Managing Director, Conway Water Purifier.


Conway water purifier coming with the option of choosing water purification methods (RO, UV, and OZONE) based on the quality of raw water.

Conway water purifier has an advanced, Micro controller based PCB ensures 100% purity, irrespective of purification methods and raw water quality. It also ensures, auto cut off during failure or malfunctioning.

Conway water purifier uses World’s best purification methods like UV, OZONE, RO etc., which can be inbuilt with full automation, ensuring Conway to be a complete safe water purifier.

Conway water purifier has an advanced preventive maintenance information display.

Conway water purifiers are heavily built, using stainless steel housings, MS powder coated frames and stainless steel legs, ensuring decades of life to the purifier structure, hence value for money.

Conway water purifier has an option to provide warm, cold and hot purified water outlets, make Conway a unique and user friendly water purifier.


To constantly upgrade our products with technology through innova-tion, updation and to be open and remain ahead in our path, always being a respected name in the industry.


To offer the best possible options in customised water purifiers to the needs, so as to be a relevant and sought after brand everywhere.

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