BLAZON Software Development Company No.2, Srivari Kikani Centre, Flat No.3, 3rd Floor, Dr, Krishnaswamy Mudaliar Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641002

BLAZON Software Development Company | July 17, 2023, 12:48 p.m.

BLAZON   Software Development Company  No.2, Srivari Kikani Centre, Flat No.3, 3rd Floor, Dr, Krishnaswamy Mudaliar Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641002


Software Development Company

No.2, Srivari Kikani Centre, Flat No.3, 3rd Floor, Dr, Krishnaswamy Mudaliar Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641002


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We are creative web design innovators. We don't make any educated guesses; instead, we look for the truth using a variety of analytics to give you an advantage.

We have 16+ years of experience

Blazon, which has the expertise and overall experience in the web and digital service industry for approximately 16+ years, is a technology-based company whose mission is to engage every organization on the planet with digital media. We aim to create a best-in-class platform and services for every organization around the world. Our tailor-made solutions help organizations achieve their goals.

Who we are

Blazon blossomed with the brainwave of a young and energetic team with a big mission and vision. Blazon has successfully completed more projects involving web design, development, print design, brand identity, corporate presentations, online and offline software, SEO, and many more since 2007. This has given us the required intellectual stamina and technical know-how to face the challenges that the job is throwing at us. We have an impeccable track record in the global market, and we are reigning supreme in the domestic market also. We keep making industrious and strenuous efforts to win the hearts of our clients.


Keeping abreast of our knowledge with the latest technology in the field, we give our products supreme quality and solutions that benefit our clients worldwide through the rapid and intelligent development of cost-effective technology solutions.


Our mission is to offer unparalleled solutions to our clients on innovative thinking, enabling them to run ahead of their competitors with better-trending technology. Our service should be reliable, stable, and improve daily. We strongly believe in adding value to the services that exist in this universe, and our contribution to that is the motive of our service.


  • Delivered more than expected
  • Quality is the hallmark of every activity
  • Innovate, Integrate, and Inspire
  • Perception is the key to success
  • The art of living starts with learning




Be Productive

Blazon provides software services through its creative development team to meet the unique needs of its clients and reach its target audience. Our team of experienced developers uses modern technologies and methodologies to deliver high-quality software solutions tailored to specific needs. This approach helps us create effective and efficient software that helps organizations achieve their goals and reach the target audience.


Create Interactive

Every business is finding a way to show off its brands worldwide in an increasingly competitive environment. Blazon helps your business grow through custom web services that turn your thoughts into solutions.

1. Custom MIS Development

Blazon offers excellent Management Information System (MIS) development services for organizations across the world. Our management information system gives pertinent information to facilitate your independent direction. MIS assists with estimating the representative presentation and empowers users to make choices based on authoritative plans. It recognizes the issues and organizes with the clients to empower them to answer the issues instantly.

We support you in building a business-explicit MIS application in light of your hierarchical necessities. With our MIS, you can be ready to do your business in a viable manner with organized planning, and you can stay away from over-burden so you can play out multifunction with coordination.

2. Custom CRM

CRM is a set of business frameworks and processes that enable organizations to build long-term relationships with their customers. Our CRM brings requests and lucidity that further develops cooperation with clients, upgrades deal execution and assembles business processes. This is the way unique business capabilities can profit from utilizing a CRM.

3. Custom Built CMS

A content management system is required to have ever-green, updated, and apt content on your website.

Blazon prefers to utilize the back-end system's features, thus offering CMS websites with the latest trend, technology, and security. Our CMS services help to publish fresh new content, manage blogs and share information with specific markets or your internal audience while retaining centralized control over administration.

Our CMS websites are completely user-friendly, and you can easily make new pages, edit & upload in CMS websites whatever you want with your style.

Our CMS development websites help you easily manage and update the content of your CMS website. Even If you're a non-programmer, you can easily use our CMS development. We follow industry best practices to provide secure and scalable content management systems apps for various business industries.


Most Convenient

Blazon’s experienced developers are skilled in developing apps for different platforms, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. We use cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to ensure that the app is reliable, intuitive, and secure. Whether you need a high-quality native or hybrid app, Blazon is up to the challenge. With our expertise, we can create apps with high performance and stunning visuals that will engage users and make them come back for more. With Blazon’s mobile application development service, you can get a quality product within a short turnaround time at an affordable price. Our team of experts makes sure that your app meets all your requirements.

Mobile UI/UX Design

Today's technology offers a lot of devices, tools, and gadgets. However, what stands apart is the user interface(UI) and user experience(UX) designs, for example, how a client feels while utilizing a specific site. The same goes for mobile phones. Blazon gives fascinating, engaging, and compelling mobile UI that will automatically provide the user with an experience they want to repeat.


Go live Sell Online
Blazon provides world-class e-Commerce solutions to help organizations increase their online shopping experience for customers. We understand the importance of having a seamless and user-friendly e-Commerce platform, and we use our expertise to create custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of each organization. We provide advanced analytics tools to help you boost your conversion rates, this helps you create targeted campaigns that will increase your conversion rates and maximize your ROI. Our team is always ready to provide support. Our experts will help you troubleshoot any issues quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Now, we all prefer shopping with few clicks; that's why M-Commerce makes customers buy goods and services easily. As a result, M-Commerce saves time and makes your products sell hugely, making high business profits.
Blazon gives a user-friendly app that facilitates the customers to view the products, which provokes them to buy the products or services with easy steps to the payment process. With our application, you can increase your customer count, which gives impacts of raise in the business revenue.


One spot Information

A web portal is a single access point for multiple types of information to ensure a user-friendly experience. It has advanced features so that any changes to be done will be secured.


Update and Safe

Software migration and re-engineering services are intended to overcome the deteriorating performance of outdated systems. Blazon's migration and re-engineering services will result in an enhanced look and feel with an innovative updating concept. Our software service keeps upgrading and interconnecting for the best results, which makes you ahead of the curve.


Better Together

Blazon provides consistent, stable, and reliable software support and maintenance services in a professional manner. Our experienced professionals with defined processes and protocols ensure expedited business support and maintenance at all levels with timely responses.


Bug Catch Out

Software testing and quality assurance are the most important aspects of any project to ensure the applications are working correctly. Blazon testing service includes all aspects of testing methodologies and the overall QA process. We ensure that the project must be reviewed to attain the most important aspects of the certain result.


Lazy Programming

Blazon offers successful implementation of full PHP development solutions with a proficient development team. We use PHP to create a wide range of solutions for any complex need. We will assist you in managing the flow as we walk you through each stage of development. We also specialize in identifying and resolving performance issues.
To execute top-notch PHP solutions, we provide frequent updates and reports on the project's development state. Our developers provide high-quality delivery to assist you to meet your industrial needs.


Fastest Development

React-based projects are quick and responsive, and we design the development with a unique user interface. Blazon creates responsive development, which makes your business process easier. Our skilled developers create feature-rich applications to reach business goals by implementing effective new technologies.
React enables the project faster which saves time and leads to an easy user experience. We provide a service in a results-driven way that ensures the needs of the clients or customers. We put our efforts to develop a tremendous application to make the customer's life easier.



Brand Identity

Blazon creates a puissant brand message through its logo designs. Our logo designs give you a unique brand identity that builds your business significantly. So let's create the vision for the future with brand identity through our designs, which help your customers recognize your brand visually.


Marketing and Stationery

Blazon is your go-to place for top-quality print design needs. Our experienced designers will work with you to ensure that the designs we create are exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a wide range of print design services including business cards, posters, flyers, brochures, and more. We use the latest design software and techniques to create high-quality, visually appealing designs that will help businesses stand out in the market. With their expertise, we can help organizations convey their message effectively and make their first impression outstanding to their customers.


Package Designs

Blazon’s design team members use innovative ideas and simplicity to achieve unique package designs. The team uses attractive package designs to create an instant and lasting impression on customers. The design team focuses on conveying the specific message of the products through stunning, creative package designs.


Environmental Designs

Now, the world is rapidly digitalizing, visual design plays a vital role. Make your UI/UX design simple but significant. Blazon specialized in unique designs to ensure a pleasant visitor experience each and every time. Our UI/UX designers build stunning user interfaces by putting raw data ideas into design mode using technology and creativity. You will gain an advantage in the competitive world by ensuring a seamless, enjoyable user interface with our designs. The UI/UX designs are incomparable and attractive with high speed, which enables your users to have a better experience.



Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing a website's visibility on search engines and gaining quick results. The content reaches the users via multiple online mediums like search engines, social media, and paid advertising. Blazon uses tools, techniques, and strategies aimed at optimizing the search to appear in the top position to get the maximum conversation through ads.


Blazon also helps organizations to increase their brand credibility and trust factor, which is essential for making a website stand out among competitors and for seamless growth. Our team understands the importance of having a professional and visually appealing website that accurately represents a brand. We use their expertise in website design and development to create custom solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. The websites are designed to be user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for search engines. We also ensure that the website is secure and meets all industry standards. By increasing brand credibility and trust factors, organizations can attract more visitors and convert them into customers, which in turn will help grow the business.


Social Media Marketing is more about user engagement in real time. SMM is about delivering information about your product or service to a wide audience by using multiple techniques to market your business and enable the users to get updated with all your latest information and offerings. Blazon helps your social presence with stunning posts and advertisements. We enhance your profile pages so that you can upgrade your business level.


Social media optimization is a tool to promote your business online on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more. For a long time, we have all been following traditional marketing methods to promote our products to customers through online advertising. But now, users are more dependent on the internet than anywhere else for information. We will help to improve your organization's brand visibility and reputation in the digital era.


Far-Reaching Strategy

eMail marketing is the best way to emphasize your business and engage your audience with your brands. Blazon builds customer relationships through eMail marketing to level up your business. We increase the prominence of your brand in the digital world through our eMail campaigns. Our service virtually increases engagement and conversions.



WWW Identity

Blazon also offers domain registration services to our customers. When looking for a hosting solution for your content delivery application, we believe it's important to look for one that focuses on performance and the actual hosting environment, not just the lowest price.


Be on Cloud

Blazon provides web hosting services, which are essential in today's digital age. We understand that the hosting needs of our customers are constantly changing, and we strive to provide them with the most up-to-date and reliable hosting solutions. We offer a wide range of hosting plans. Our services include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and AWS.



Our experienced professionals with defined processes and protocols enable us to provide expedited business support and website maintenance at all levels. Blazon provides fast and hassle-free website maintenance services. Our web maintenance and management service are in a fully professional manner. Blazon website maintenance and support services extend to small businesses and large organizations with multiple websites.


Our solutions help to execute the work easier and faster, which helps accomplish the specific goal effectively.


Product Description:

The offset printing industry has faced a variety of issues and risks related to order management, such as managing complex processes, maintaining accurate records, and meeting industry regulations. To address these challenges, Blazon has developed specialized software that can streamline order management processes, provide real-time insights into revenue, expenses, and inventory, as well as assist with scheduling and production management. This allows businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve efficiency, and boost profitability.

The software is built with cutting-edge technologies and techniques and is tailored to the specific needs of the offset printing industry to ensure that it meets industry standards and regulations. Additionally, it provides ongoing maintenance and support services to keep it up-to-date and fully functional. All in all, this software aims to bring precision and clarity to financial and operational management in the offset printing industry, aiding businesses to navigate the risks and challenges associated with order management.

Applied Technologies:

PHP, MySQL, JQuery


Product Description:

The gold industry is subject to numerous challenges and risks. To efficiently manage complex processes, maintain accurate records, and comply with industry regulations, specialized software is required. Blazon is experienced in developing such software for the gold industry, which is tailored to the specific needs of the industry. This software streamlines processes and automates workflow, providing real-time insights that help increase efficiency and profitability. The software is built with the latest technologies and methodologies and is regularly updated in order to comply with industry standards and regulations. Moreover, maintenance and support services are provided to ensure optimal performance.

Applied Technologies:

Angular, Node.JS, and MongoDB


Product Description:

Blazon provides an e-Commerce platform that helps businesses manage their overall operations and boost sales and operational management. The platform offers a fully customizable solution that streamlines processes and automates workflow to improve efficiency and profitability. It comes with features like easy navigation, secure payment options, inventory management, and mobile optimization, which enhances customer engagement and encourages purchases. It also provides real-time insights into essential metrics such as sales, payments, and inventory, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions and improve operational management.

The platform is user-friendly and built with the latest technologies, which ensures it is secure and compliant with industry standards. With it, businesses can launch their online stores and reach a larger customer base, increasing their revenue potential. Additionally, they can offer a variety of products and services to meet the needs of their customers and give them the best shopping experience.

Applied Technologies:

Angular, Node.JS-Express.JS, React.JS, and MongoDB


Product Description:

The industry has encountered numerous issues and precarious factors in regular operations, particularly when it comes to financial and operational management. These difficulties can include overseeing complex financial procedures, keeping precise records, and guaranteeing adherence to industry guidelines. To tackle these issues, Blazon has created specialized software that is designed to improve the transparency and accuracy of financial and operational management.

The software automates financial and operational processes and gives real-time insights into essential metrics such as revenue, expenses, and inventory. This helps businesses to make educated choices, enhance productivity, and boost profitability. The software is developed with the latest technologies and procedures and is tailored to the specific needs of the industry, which helps to guarantee that it will meet industry standards and regulations. Additionally, the software provides continuous maintenance and support services to ensure that it remains up-to-date and totally functional. In general, the software aims to bring clarity and accuracy to financial and operational management, which will assist businesses to manage the issues and dangers related to regular operations.

Applied Technologies:

Angular, PHP, and MySQL


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