ARISE N SHINE SCHOOLS PRIVATE LIMITED Education is about developing and enhancing children’s social, emotional and communication skills which sets the foundation for the rest of their lives.


ARISE N SHINE SCHOOLS PRIVATE LIMITED  Education is about developing and enhancing children’s social, emotional and communication skills which sets the foundation for the rest of their lives.


Education is about developing and enhancing children’s social, emotional and communication skills which sets the foundation for the rest of their lives. 

C 87/6, 14th Street, Periyar Ngar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600082


PHONE NO :  9840560217  ,   044-79680671

20+ Years Delivering Educational Services Globally

  • Sowed the seed in 2003 at Great Lakes Michigan, North America
  • Spread our wings to India in 2009
  • Ranked by Education World, since 2012

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to create exceptional citizens, nurture them to reap optimum values and prepare them for an exciting journey ahead.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality education with a committed to the principle that each child deserves to be respected, protected and nurtured in their learning. In partnership with their families, we equip children to reach their full personal and academic potential with global expectations.

Arise 'n' Shine Team

Swabia Angeline

MyBeeClub – Management Executive

Swabia is the executive head for MyBeeClub PRIME online education platform, MyBeeClub centers and franchise units. She administers all KPA’s related to quality control, systems, process, training and curriculum development.

Swabia has spent over a decade in information technology and early childhood development training and mentoring.

Swabia has also assisted several educational organizations both teaching staff and students in delivering classroom strategies and nurturing emotional intelligence. She has delivered several workshops for parents, teachers and school management creating awareness on parenting, child development and emotional intelligence. Swabia is happily married to Johnson and a proud mother of two children Shawn and Pinky.

Shyamala Karthik

Operations - Management Executive

Shyamala spearheads technology efforts, marketing and quality control management. She wears many hats. She has spent over a decade in the corporate world, information technology and educational institutions providing technology support, quality management, training and mentoring.

Shyamala has assisted several educational organizations, both teaching staff and students in delivering classroom strategies and nurturing emotional intelligence. She has conducted several workshops for parents, teachers and school management creating awareness on parenting and child development. Shyamala is happily married to Karthik and a proud mother of her only son, Sashank.

Hema Bose

Center Manager

Hema spearheads the Corporate Preschool and MyBeeClub centers. Hema is involved in mentoring, curriculum development and training.

She specialized in Child Development, Health and Nutrition and was a lecturer at a leading university in India. She has authored a book on ‘Environmental Perception of Slum Dwellers’, participated as Research Assistant at University of Washington. She is happily married to Anand, a software engineer and blessed with a teenage son, Shreyan.

Chithra Raj

Co-Founder & CLO

Chithra earned her Child Development Associate from Washtenaw College in Ann Arbor - Michigan, USA. She also earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Madras Medical College – College of Nursing, India.

Chithra constantly finds out ways to provide developmentally appropriate programs for children that focus on the process of learning and help them enjoy successful experiences. In her early days of healthcare journey Chithra invested many years in child psychology, researching child behavior and relationships.

Child Psychology has always been her favorite subject. With this background and foundation she has developed a passion towards child development and hence formed Arise 'n' Shine. She is also an active member of NAEYC.

Raj Ganesh

Founder & CEO

Raj has spent over two decades in the corporate world providing business management solutions for leading multinational information technology companies and educational institutions across North America and India.

In 2003, Raj followed his entrepreneurial instincts in the educational industry and formed an educational enterprise under the brand name Arise 'n' Shine along with his wife Chithra Raj at Great Lakes Michigan, North America. The school with its rich and exhaustive curriculum for early childhood development is immensely successful and popular for its MyBeeClub and School of English program implemented at primary and higher secondary schools.

Raj served as a Chair and Committee member for the Department of Education in Tamil Nadu, providing solutions for early learning programs and the development of emotional intelligence.

Raj has received the Leadership Award for Education Excellence from the former Governor of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Bishma Narain Singh. With a strong adherence to systems, processes and quality control, he drives the organisation by adopting a democratic-style approach. Raj is married to Chithra, who is considered the backbone of Arise ‘n’ Shine. He is a proud father of two children, Nivetha Raj and Shirley Raj and pet pug, Tootsie Raj.


  • Early Childhood Education
  • MyBeeClub
  • Homeschooling (Online)
  • MyBeeClub PRIME (eLearning)

Early Childhood Education

Explore 'n' Shine

Our homegrown Explore ‘n’ Shine curriculum is designed using best practices of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia and NAEYC.

Learning Style

Discovering your child’s learning style and how their brain functions is important to support their learning and make learning fun.

Emotional Intelligence

Teaching children how to manage their emotions and respond to the emotions of others is an important part of education.

Multiple Intelligence

Providing children with multiple ways to demonstrate their knowledge and skills increases engagement and learning.


2.5 to 3.5 years

The Preschool program at Arise ‘n’ Shine offers a wide variety of activities to engage your child and prepare him or her for Kindergarten.

Language Development | Rhymes | Listening Skills

Math | Block | Science | Self Help | Socialization

Art | Music | Dance |Free Play


3.5 to 5.5 years

A highly collaborative Kindergarten program that features a range of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles, a development plan incorporating ongoing assessments and more.

Language Development | Socialization | Arts | Listening Skills

Phonics and Reading | Handwriting | Poetry | Rhymes

Math | Science | Life Skills | Free Play


1.6 to 6 years

This child care program is dedicated to the working families and their children in your community.

Brain Teaser | Story Telling | Music | Dance

Free Play | Computer | Outdoor Play


3.5 to 12 years

Unleash your Child’s potential. This brain-based program is designed for school-age children to build their foundation.

Phonics | Spoken English | Handwriting | Speed Writing

Drawing | Kids Yoga | Young Lead


  • IEP for Schools
  • ECE Consulting
  • Teacher Training Academy

IEP for Schools

Integrated Enrichment Program

School of English is an award-winning communicative English program designed for schools. We integrate this program at schools alongside their regular curriculum for age group 3.5 to 12 years.

We take a scientific approach to understand Learning Styles, Emotional Intelligence and how the student's brain functions using Cognitive Psychology. We perform individual assessment to gain insight into areas that needs nurturing to maximize overall learning. Through this structured approach we help build a strong learning foundation for the students!

We are pleased to make this program available at schools as an “Integrated Enrichment Program (IEP)” exclusively for students from KG to grade VIII.

Collaboration with Schools

 An integrated program from UKG to Std. VIII.

 Integrate with your school curriculum

 2 classes a week | 40-60 minutes per class

ECE Consulting

Is your school NEP ready?

Improving students' outcome as early as Pre-KG and Kindergarten age sets the foundation for their academic success at primary and high school age. With the NEP’s new pre-primary structure, it is imperative for schools to provide a strong foundation from as early as Pre-KG. This gives your school an advantage over other schools.

Collaboration with Schools

We collaborate with institutions to set up Pre-KG and Kindergarten infrastructure, curriculum and training. We strengthen their early childhood education by setting up systems and processes to achieve rapid improvements in learning outcomes. Schools will have complete access to our system. They are licensed to operate our ECE program using our international brand Arise ‘n’ Shine as a Franchise or BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) model. This collaborative approach builds internal capabilities and ownership for lasting change.

Teacher Training Academy

The Teaching – Learning Gap

Students bring their social and emotional issues into the classroom, and these issues can cause the students to misbehave and distract them from focusing on their academic performance. Teachers usually don’t receive training for how to develop their students’ social and emotional Intelligence. When students develop their social and emotional intelligence, they handle their social and emotional issues more effectively and greatly improve their academic performance.

motionally Intelligent Teacher

To effectively implement emotional intelligence with students, the teachers need to first develop and practice emotional intelligence themselves. We will guide the teachers in developing their own social and emotional intelligence, which will set them up for success in learning how to develop their students' social and emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent teachers build emotionally intelligent students which encourages an emotionally intelligent learning community.

Integrating Emotional Intelligence with the Curriculum

We effectively train your teachers with sample lessons from their primary class subjects. We mentor them on how to integrate emotional intelligence into their subjects and lesson plans for an effective and wholesome learning outcome. We take time to understand the needs and vision of your school and provide a custom training plan.

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