Accommodation Units Classification

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Accommodation Units Classification

Accommodation Units

Accommodation Unit:

A entity that provides room or group of rooms designed to provide accommodation to a guest.


Following are its sub-categories:


Hotel: An accommodation unit providing at least a reception, accommodation and may also provide food and beverage facilities and other ancillary services.


Resort: An accommodation Unit that is located at tourist destinations (such as hill stations, sea beaches, countryside, remote areas of cities and other locations) and combine stay facilities with leisure activities.


Bed & Breakfast: An accommodation unit where tourist accommodation and breakfast are provided.

Homestay: An Accommodation Unit where room for rent in a resident-occupied house or flat is provided with meals.

Timeshare Resort: An Accommodation Unit in which multiple parties hold rights to use the rooms, and each member is allotted a period of time.

Apartment Hotel: A hotel where accommodation is providing in rooms with additional space & facilities, like studios or apartments.

Tented Accommodation: An accommodation unit where rooms are made of fabric for ease of transport. These may be at any location including camping sites.

Guest House: An Accommodation Unit where tourist accommodation and meals are provided.

Farm Stay: An accommodation unit which is typically of rural accommodation on an operating farm.

Lodge & Tourist Home: An Accommodation Unit located mostly in a rural environment or outskirts.

Houseboat: Accommodation provided on static or mobile boats with catering facilities.

Heritage: Hotels running in palaces / castles / forts / havelies / hunting loges / residence of any size built prior to 1950. The facade, architectural features and general construction should have the distinctive qualities and ambience in keeping with the traditional way of life of the area. After expansion/renovation, if any, the newly built-up area added should not exceed 50% of the total built up (plinth) area including the old and new structures.

Motel: An Accommodation Unit located on a major road or highway, with nearby parking facilities, and are specifically designed largely for tourists travelling by road.

Legacy Vintage: A hotel constructed/built with material from heritage properties/buildings (i.e. properties or buildings which were built/ constructed/erected prior to the year 1950), provided that at least 50% of the material used to construct / build the hotel is sourced from heritage properties or buildings.

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