Why is diabetes called a silent global killer & what you need to know about it!

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Why is diabetes called a silent global killer & what you need to know about it!

Why is diabetes called a silent global killer & what you need to know about it!

▪️537 million adults are living with diabetes expected to rise to 643 mil by 2030

▪️Almost 1 in 2 adults (44%) with diabetes remain undiagnosed (240 mil)

▪️Diabetes is responsible for 6.7 mil deaths in 2021- 1 every 5 seconds

The effect diabetes has on the body happens slowly, & can often progress without notice. Over time, it can damage a number of organs & cause complications including

▪️Heart conditions

▪️Nerve damage

▪️Eye issues

▪️Kidney complications 

▪️Feet ulcers, infections, & amputations in serious cases

▪️Skin & mouth conditions


▪️Alzheimer’s & dementia 

Top commonalities we’ve seen in patients with T2 Diabetes

•Sedentary lifestyle

•Poor diet, too much junk and refined food

•Going low-fat & high-carb

•Eating too much or too less fruits

•Keeping long gaps between two meals

•Chronic stress

•Chronic sleep deprivation

•Vitamin D3, B12 & Chromium deficiency

•Genetic predisposition (doesn’t mean you do nothing about it)

•Late night binges 

Early warning signs of T2 diabetes

▪️Frequent urination

▪️Increased thirst

▪️Always feeling hungry

▪️Feeling very tired

▪️Blurry vision

▪️Slow healing of cuts & wounds

▪️Tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands or feet

▪️Patches of dark skin

▪️Itching & yeast infections

▪️Skin Tags

Remember that T2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease & can be managed & even reversed with a healthy lifestyle.

While medications can help manage the condition, they are not a cure. They have side effects & their dosage only increases overtime if you do nothing to fix your lifestyle.

Our Diabetes Care Program aims at managing the condition by addressing the root cause & making every possible lifestyle change to repair the organs & body, so that one can reduce dosages or stop it altogether.

If an unhealthy diet can cause diabetes, a healthy diet + lifestyle can help fix it!

Foods that improve blood sugar control & can slow the progression to T2 diabetes

▪️Srilankan roll cinnamon

▪️Fenugreek (methi)



▪️Curry leaves

▪️Aloe Vera


▪️Aloe Vera


▪️Fiber rich foods


▪️Apple cider vinegar (1/2 hr before main meals)

Lifestyle changes 

▪️10-minute walk after your main meals

▪️Physical activity

▪️Portion control

▪️Avoid refined foods

▪️Limit gluten

▪️Early dinners

▪️Circadian Rhythm fasting

▪️Adequate hydration

▪️Manage stress levels

▪️Quality sleep

▪️Follow the right flow of eating-

• Start with raw salad

• Then, cooked vegetables or vegetable soup

• Next, protein & fats (lentils/ chicken/ fish/eggs/ legumes)

• Finally, carbohydrates (grain/ starch/cereal)

This way, you not only eat smaller portions of carbs but also gain better control over blood glucose rise.

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