Why do we develop insulin resistance?

Admin | June 13, 2023, 6:07 a.m.

Why do we develop insulin resistance?

1. Lifestyle: Lack of exercise cause our muscles to not shrink much or not burn enough glucose. Sedentary lifestyle habits make muscle cells insulin resistant.

2. Diet: Meals high in simple carbs like refined flour, sugar, white rice and fried food with corn floor coating all spike glucose levels. Drinking fruit juice instead Eating, sugary drink makes the situation worst.

3. Lack of healthy fats: We all have misunderstood obesity, we need healthy fats like PUFA and MUFA and omega 3. Lack of them makes us Insulin resistant.

4. Order of eating: Eating Simple carbs first causes more glucose spikes. Eat raw vegetables first, then protein and fat and then carbs to control glucose spikes.

5. Toxins: Processed food has preservatives, colour dye, filler and binders. Smoking and polluted air also cause inflammation in the body. All these toxins cause inflammation that is known to cause Insulin resistance. 

6. Milk: In today's time, Cows are injected with many kinds of hormones and antibiotics to increase milk production. Artificial hormones pass on in milk, IGF-1 ( Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) type hormones found in milk are known to increase Insulin resistance.

7. Alcohol: Even though alcohol does not digest in the stomach but it gets absorbed in the stomach only. It is known to increase hunger and makes you eat more than needed. It causes dehydration by removing magnesium which increases Insulin resistance.

8. Sleep & Stress: Lack of sleep found to increase Insulin levels in the body and stress causes a kind of inflammation that again link to Insulin resistance.

9. Age: After 30, our body's muscle cells start reducing which makes our body's glucose intake decline which causes Insulin resistance. Exercise plays the most important role here because it helps in maintaining muscle cells.

10. Ethnicity: Hispanic and Asians are found to be more prone to develop insulin resistance. Our genes inherit diabetes from our parents. You can only beat that with exercise and a better diet.

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