Free Excel Course

Admin | April 2, 2023, 1:33 p.m.

Free Excel Course

Free Excel Course

Save 1000s of dollars.

Bookmark this and follow the curriculum below.

You want to learn Excel?

I have curated a free Excel course for you.

15 free lessons to make you better at Excel than 90% of the people.

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1. Presentation of Excel and PowerQuery

2. Excel Ultimate Guide

3. Excel Vlookup

4. Excel Lookups

5.Excel Shortcuts

6. Excel Tips

7. Excel Financial Statements Template

8. Excel Waterfall Template

9. Excel Table and Tabular Data

10. Excel Charts Tips &

11. Excel FP&A Tips

12. Excel vs PowerBI

13. Excel Dynamic Arrays

14. Excel Split Text in Seconds

15. Excel Financial Modeling

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