Exim Alert Institute of Logistics

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Exim Alert Institute of Logistics

Exim Alert Institute of Logistics is offering online classes from May 1st, 2023 on the following topics:

  • Understanding Notifications / Circulars
  • Replying to Notice/Demand Notice/Show Cause Notice
  • Grant and non-grant of exemption under various aspects
  • Reasons accepted for condonation of delay by Tribunal
  • Limitation under various circumstances
  • IGCR
  • Part delivery of FCL import consignment
  • AEO & its eligibility with Benefits
  • Procedure to get & renewal of self-sealing
  • Procedure for allowing imported goods for job work under IGCR
  • Procedure for allowing imported goods for unit transfer under IGCR
  • Procedure for supplying imported goods to the end use recipient
  • Procedure for Handling (Storage, Transport and Examination) of Un-claimed, Un-cleared, Suspicious and Detained Import Containers lying at various CFSs/Port area
  • Amendment of seal number in IGM
  • Re-sealing of containers with broken / absence / mismatch of seal including tampered seal to be followed at Port Terminals
  • Movement of goods under ATA & TIR Carnets
  • Cancellation of Bond furnished for the Special Valuation Branch Investigation purpose
  • Clearance of containers from CFS Gates after Out of Charge given by Proper Officers of Customs
  • Procedure to deal with various cases/tasks in EDI Section
  • Procedure to be followed by Investigation Units and Adjudication Unit
  • Revocation of Suspended OOC of BE in ICES System
  • Extension of BE & SB Numbers

To enroll or learn more, please contact:

Mobile: 9043575263

Website: www.eximalert.in

Additionally, the Customs Book - Edition 2023 (Part I & Part II) is available.

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