20 AI tools that will transform your productivity forever

Admin | March 23, 2023, 4:55 a.m.

20 AI tools that will transform your productivity forever

1. Docktopus Al: Create compelling slides for your presentations with Al.

2. Promptpal Al: Helps you discover the best Al prompts.

3. Quinvio Al: Create video presentations using Al. 14. Bearly Al: An Al tool to read, write and create content. 15. Scispace Al: Your Al research assistant to save hours per day.

4. Ask Your PDF: An Al Chatbot that helps you interact with any PDF document.

5. Supernormal Al: An Al-powered meeting recorder.

6. Suggesty Al: Get human-like answers to your Google searches with GPT-3

7. ChatGPT Sidebar: ChatGPT Chrome extension that can be used on any website.

8. MarcBot: An Al assistant that lives inside Telegram.

9. Motion Al: Easily build chatbots to do anything on any platform.

10. Roam around: Plan your trips through Al travel planner.

11. Beautiful: Generative Al presentation app for the workplace.

12. Quotify: Al-powered tool to extract meaningful quotes from books and articles.

13. Harvey Al: An Al-powered legal advisor.

16. Hints Al: GPT based Al assistant helps you to use productivity tools more efficiently.

17. Monday.com: Build your ideal workflow with 200+ customizable templates using Al.

18. Base64 Al: Extract text, data, photos and more from all type of docs using Al.

19. Al Article Writer: Generate articles and blog posts with Al in seconds.

20. Engage Al: Use Al to write insightful comments on Linkedin.

21. Google Duplex: An Al-assistant that can talk to you on your phone.

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