PENTA TECHSOFT SOLUTION 718, ARTV Complex ,1st Floor,Mettupalayam Road,R.S.Puram,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu

PENTA TECHSOFT SOLUTION | July 22, 2023, 3:06 p.m.

PENTA TECHSOFT SOLUTION   718, ARTV Complex ,1st Floor,Mettupalayam Road,R.S.Puram,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu


718, ARTV Complex ,1st Floor,Mettupalayam Road,R.S.Puram,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu

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Penta Techsoft Solution

Website Designing and Development Company in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Penta Techsoft Solution is a professional website design and development company based in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Our company is involved in providing web design and development, software design and development, Search Engine Optimization, responsive web design and web hosting. Our team of website designers is expert in providing creative designs tailored for each client by understanding their targeted audience and implementing industry standards.

Penta Techsoft Solution has dedicated staff to work on online marketing for your business. Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing are the core solutions for your website to reach and to be found by millions of users online. Our main objective is to deliver highly innovative and profitable website solutions to drive the growth of your business worldwide.

Our Core Values

 Client Focus to exceed customer expectations for value and service. To build and maintain customer relationships and ensure long-term satisfaction.

 Commitment to Excellence to deliver world-class results in all we do. Excellence does not mean better, it means BEST.

 Competitive Advantage to enable our customers to stay ahead of their competitors by providing best-in-class solutions, customer service and results.

 Communication foster open communications, listen, and understand other perspectives.

 Strong Leadership to champion changes that improve results for our customers. To do the right things, not, simply, do things right.

 Teamwork to foster an environment and culture of collaboration and mutual accountability. To earn trust and respect.

 Integrity to consistently demonstrate principled and ethical judgment and practice the highest standards of social conduct.

 Performance to develop plans that deliver better results, and continually strive for personal and professional development.

Our vision, mission and core values are more than just words. They are the foundation, upon which we are building the best company we can be, and the most successful company in the Enterprise Performance Management and Enterprise Business Planning spaces.

Why Penta Techsoft Solution?

Delivering competitive website solutions, web designs, website designs, and bespoke e commerce solutions is what Penta Techsoft Solution brings when it takes on any assignment. Our competencies begin from strategic consulting in bespoke e commerce solutions, internet business, comprehensive web design services that factors in the client's current and future competitive scenario in the internet business. Penta Techsoft delivers tailor-made IT solutions and services that meet current as well as future business needs of its list of clients spread globally. Enviable lists of loyal client stands testimony. These global clients have regularly sought our services for website solutions, web designs, website designs, bespoke e commerce solutions.

Because, It's the Best Way Available For Your IT Needs

 One of fastest growing solution provider for SMB (Small Medium Business) sector.

 Manage clients globally in all the continents.

 Dedicated service and support team for quick support solutions.

 Highly skilled technology professionals.

 Project Management with global standards.

 Wide experience in website solutions, web designs, website designs, bespoke e commerce solutions.

Our Services

Penta Techsoft Solution is an experienced Website designing service provider in Coimbatore and we offers web site designing with Domain Registration Domain Renewal and Web Hosting packages with Windows and Linux Servers.

We are into designing of websites with the most popular Internet Standard Languages, versions and testing with the W3C validation tools. Template based designing are leads to better customer satisfaction, better relationship and understanding. Our website coding is error free and more search engine friendly

Types of Website Designing Services

  •  Desktop Version Website designing using Html 5 – Responsive Type
  •  Smart Phones / Mobile Website designing - Responsive Type
  •  Website designing for Tablet – Responsive Type.
  •  PSD To HTML Conversion.
  •  HTML4 To HTML5 Conversion
  •  Re Designing of Website
  •  WordPress Theme Development.
  •  Social Media– Facebook

Features of our Website Designing Services

  •  One of fastest growing solution provider for SMB (Small Medium Business) sector
  •  Windows and Linux servers for development
  • High-speed connectivity for 24×7 access to clients and server farms
  •  Redundant UPS backup with backup generator for uninterrupted power
  •  Search Engine Friendly Coding.
  •  Error Free Coding – Tested with W3C.ORG Validations.
  •  Browser Compatibility - Tested with popular Browsers and versions.
  •  Easy to Download – Tested with Google SPEED and Optmized Images.
  •  No Broken Link – Tested with our own Tools.

Languages using for our Website Designing Services.

  • Html
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • Megento
  • Angular Js
  • codeigniter
  • Wordpress


PSD to HTML services can be a great way to save time and energy, while still getting a hand-coded design. we’ve compiled a hundred PSD to HTML services that might be just what you need for coding your next project.Some of the services below also offer CMS implementation and other add-on services.

The Best Front-End Developers in the Industry

We have very experienced front-end engineers in the industry. We have intensive training programs, strict quality standards and a heavily funded research lab. We always stay on top and experiment with new technologies, so working with anyone else just doesn’t make sense.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in knowing that you will be absolutely happy with your project that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t. What other development company can offer that?

Great Communication Support

With our custom client center, a project manager specifically dedicated to your project and multiple ways to get in touch with us, we are always available when you need us. Questions, concerns, feedback – we are here for you.

Front-end Development PSD to HTML

 PSD / Sketch to HTML conversion services.

 We develop responsive layouts, Bootstrap-based projects, work with Retina-ready designs and, of course, a bunch of JavaScript features.

 1,700+ front-end projects completed to date


WordPress works in a rather straightforward manner but it may seem confusing if you are completely new to the concept. WordPress relies on PHP to call on different parts of your content from the database management system it stands on.

Basic Integration

We’ve created a universal starter theme that is an excellent skeleton for simple PSD to WordPress projects. It incorporates the very best of WordPress that we’ve gleaned from over 5 years of WordPress development. Basic integration includes coding Search page, Archive page, Static page, and 404 page based on your designs.

Custom Wordpress Development

We can handle any scope of work and adapt to any process. Feel free to unleash your creativity, then give us the WordPress theme you’ve developed and we will convert it flawlessly. We are PSD to WordPress specialists and your conversion will be pixel perfect and operate smoothly.

E-Commerce Solution

We are experts in WooCommerce themes. We’ve created a variety of customizable plugins to extend functionality in any PSD to WordPress conversion. We can customize an extension or plugin for your design requirements. Your WordPress theme will operate impeccably and render your design beautifully.

Wordpress Plugin Development

We do more than WordPress conversions; we develop plugins too. We are WordPress certified plugin developers and can create any plugin you need. Our plugins make your life easier.

Development PSD to WordPress

 Beyond PSD to HTML.

 We offer CMS-based website development with a main focus on WordPress while our expertise includes Magento, Drupal, Joomla! and Shopify as well.

1,500+ back-end projects completed to date


Web application development is more influential than ever in the field of technology and which has now become the pier of every company’s scalable measure for business growth. At Penta Techsoft Solution, we expertise in creating and developing web applications. We build applications exactly the way your business works. We determine the apt scope of your business needs and will create a globally challenging website all by its look and features.

What the Clients Need

We work in close collaboration with our customers to try and understand their business model and their exact requirements. We automate your unique business processes to allow you to spend your time doing what you do best.

Our main aim is to ensure that our client's business strategies are successfully implemented and the technological performance is enhanced.

The world of information and technology is ever advancing in the twenty-first century and new as well as developed businesses always need to be on their tiptoes to certify that they are in front of their opposition. To make certain that the product they deliver is of the utmost excellence web application development company such as Magora help companies convert their ideas into a tangible, real solution in the form of Web or Mobile applications.

Software Development

We're Penta Techsoft Solution a quality assured Software Development and Web Design studio based in Sheffield. We have been creating bespoke Software Development Solutions for over five years now and we like to think we've learned a thing or two from our many and varied projects. We work predominantly through recommendation by delivering excellent quality and a personal service to our client base.

We know our stuff. Our highly skilled technical team write all of our software from scratch, so we know all of our systems inside-out and have full control. This means that our clients get exactly what they're looking for. We offer a high level of technical knowledge in the industry and are obsessed with learning new technologies.

We are Experienced

We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two in our time - so we take this breadth of experience into every new project. Our solutions have been at the forefront of the marketplace. We can provide a full software development life-cycle to a variety of industries. We undertake every project with the same vigour as when we first set out.

We are distinctly different

We do things differently. We value our client relationships and like to think that we provide a more personal approach to the development process. We provide unlimited access to our technical support team. This is because we're confident in the quality of our products, and believe that "the customer comes first" shouldn't just be a slogan. These are just a few things that make us: distinctly different.

We Love a Challenge

Need to talk about your next project? Our close-knit team of experienced consultants, developers and designers are always ready for their next challenge; equipped with the skills, experience, and know-how to create your solution.

No waste. Just rapid results.

Our process is geared towards maximising productivity and eliminating waste, so you get your software delivered faster without compromising on quality.

Our QuickStart phase gets things off to a flying start, ensuring that critical project questions are addressed at the earliest possible stage. We also use this time to put the pieces in place for development to begin without delay - our technical consultants and user experience consultants working in parallel to make the best use of the time available.

This momentum is continued right through development, and with a rapid deployment process you’ll be able to see working software before you know it.

Social Media Marketing Services

We don’t make you do social marketing, we just let you be social, and you’ll be marketed automatically!


Home Social Media Marketing Services

Do You Know!

95%of online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking.95%of adults aged 18 to 34 follow one or more brands on social networking sites.90%of social media users try to reach out to brands or retailers.90%of marketers noticed that their social marketing efforts increased exposure.90%of social media users have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business.71%of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.63%of customers actually expect companies to offer customer service via their social media channels.50million small businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers.




What is social media marketing? Social Media is about gathering at one place, for stories. It creates communities and not markets. You can tell stories to communities and lay the right impact and that’s how happens, Social Media Marketing. Social media enables businesses to establish huge user network base, reach out to potential customers, update them, encouraging them to interact and form a community, thereby building their trust in them and generating sales.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot many social media channels have today become an integral part of life, for billions, no wonder social media does wonders for businesses. With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook holds tremendous capacity to generate business worldwide. With such a mammoth scope of growth, these networks are definitely valuable tools for businesses, so much that if you’re not posting on any of these, you’re not worth being into the business!




Improved Brand AwarenessBetter Search Engine RankingsIncreased Conversion RatesBetter Customer SatisfactionImproved Brand LoyaltyBetter Market InsightIncreased InteractionCost-Effectiveness


Social Media Marketing Process


Facebook Page Integration

Management and optimization of the Facebook account, reviewing the analytics with insight, to ensure the audience growth and engagement.

Twitter Account Integration

Management and optimization of the Twitter account, reviewing the analytics with insight, to ensure growth in the number of followers and engagement.

YouTube Video Optimization

Management and optimization of the YouTube account with regular video uploads, reviewing the analytics with insight, to ensure growth in the number of audience and engagement.

Instagram Page Integration and Management

Management and optimization of the Instagram account, reviewing the analytics with insight, to ensure growth in the number of followers and engagement.

LinkedIn Branding and Reputation Management

Management and optimization of the LinkedIn profile, reviewing the analytics with insight, to ensure growth in the number of relevant connections and genuine network.

Pinterest Account Integration & Management

Management and optimization of the Pinterest business account by uploading rich pins regularly, tracking the content being pinned by other users, reviewing the analytics with insight.


We are a India-based mobile app agency crafting highly creative, behaviour-driven mobile experiences.As one of the top app development companies in India we know a thing or two about creating mobile apps and are experts at taking your ideas and executing them perfectly.Our services cover everything from strategy through to product launch. We're the only mobile app development agency in India you need.

There are lots of mobile app development companies in india, but not all are award-winning, chart-topping teams who live and breathe mobile every second of every day. With multiple top 10 hits and numerous product awards and recognition across all major media, we know what makes great products and our process is designed to take you there effortlessly.

Choose an app company in India who will bring your idea to market with a proven process, track record and delivery model so that your idea could be the next number 1 hit.

We're the go-to team for everything app related

Building a successful product these days doesn’t stop at simply creating a functioning app. To truly engage and delight your customers, you need to craft a mobile experience that combines the functionality of your product with cutting edge usability techniques; this is only achieved by focusing on user behaviour and the psychology of how we understand and interact with mobile products. When done right, the results are enhanced engagement and better brand or product perception.

We are passionate about the work we do, the team we work within and the culture that we belong to. Our team has produced products which have hit the number 1 spot on the App Store and are regularly in the top 5 for various categories.

Mobile Strategy

With the impressive rise of smart mobile technology it may soon become unthinkable to have a business without having an app. Brand investment in apps is accelerating, with brands across all vertical markets adding apps to their overall digital strategies. It’s safe to say that apps are the future of digital marketing..

We can help define your entire mobile strategy and help you ensure that whichever channel or approach you take, it’s the right fit for your business and customer base.

App Design

The first phase is a scoping, specification and wireframing phase where we get clarity of the idea and drive down into what problem you are trying to solve and how best to solve it. This involves workshop sessions with our creative and technical teams and produces a fully specified product containing full wireframes and functional specification.

The second phase is the UI design of the product where we begin to define the visual elements of the product as well as focus on what the user will feel when using it.

App Development

Once the design is complete, we move on to the development of the product. We work in an Agile manner to ensure that we accommodate any changing priorities whilst ensuring the product is technically release-ready at any stage of development.

The final phase is the release management and store deployment (App Store and Google Play). During this phase we work with you to target your submission to your intended customers and provide links to your products for use in coordinated marketing efforts.


With the increasing number of people love to do shopping via the internet, E-Commerce creative applications have gained the admiration of people all over the world. Nowadays, every retail shop is planning to have a website or mobile app. If you’re one of them who are looking for the best E-commerce solution for your business, get in touch with Penta Techsoft Solution. Our Ecommerce web development services offer a great convenience to the retail owners for tracking, analyzing and management of inventory.

We’re a team of cutting edge UI/UX designers and expert web developers who are passionate to provide you all of the necessary design, development and internet marketing services needed to be successful online presence of a business. We implement a unique development approach with a combination of advanced software technologies to ensure the overall success of our clients’ businesses. As a specialized Ecommerce application development company, we believe in offering the niche-specific solutions.

Our Customized Ecommerce Solutions

We design innovative, responsive, user-friendly and search engine friendly websites for all popular shopping carts, such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and OpenCart. Our interactive E-commerce solutions not only generate sales but also enhance the profits of all kinds of businesses. Let’s have a look at our Ecommerce services!

Shopify Cart Store

If you want to design a creative application for your retail shop, contact Penta Techsoft Solution . Our Shopify designers & developers carefully understand your all requirements and help you in getting full advantage of Shopify platform. Our Shopify Ecommerce development services guarantee to keep your online store simple, flexible and lucrative. Through our unique Shopify solutions, you can easily target your customers on social media and smart devices and you’re your products on all sales channels.

OpenCart Store Design

OpenCart is another E-commerce platform which is quick to set up and easy-to-understand development approach. Are you’re in need of intuitive design and development solutions for OpenCart? Give a call to Penta Techsoft Solution to make your business stand out from the crowd.

WooCommerce Store Design

Establish your online store through our advanced WooCommerce design services. Penta Techsoft Solution is a full-service WooCommerce store development company which employ specialized developers. Our dedicated web team is always ready to serve you. So, hire customized and plugin development services and capture the market.

WordPress Customization

From the personal blog to the marketing of your store, Penta Techsoft Solution offer best possible solutions for everything in WordPress. Our main focus is on site designing, theme customization, plugin development, and 3rd party integrations (API) to deliver you the best Ecommerce application solution.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – is the process of improving a website’s ranking in the organic listings of the major search engines for a set of keywords. By improving the ranking of a website you attract more traffic which should ultimately lead to more enquiries and sales. Broadly speaking SEO can be broken down into two categories; on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

We employ bright, talented people from a broad range of backgrounds including: Journalism, PR, New Media and English/Creative writing and our Off-Page SEO team is currently our biggest, employing over 50 full-time staff at our Leeds HQ.


Logo design is integral to your business; it is a visual representation of your brand, your identity, and your credibility. It's so important to get this right, so it is well worth getting a logo design expert to help. Penta Techsoft Solution Design Experts has created thousands of unique and custom logo designs for businesses since 2005, and we specialise in helping small and start-up companies who don't have a blockbuster budget.

We're also experts in website design and have created hundreds of sites ranging in size and complexity. Every website designed is done so from a blank canvas and built to the latest industry standards, optimised for speed and search engine optimisation.

Whatever your small business needs, just give us a call and we'll tell you all about how we can help - and we promise no hard sells!

Our process is really simple

 Go to our order page, put in your company details and submit your brief

 Make payment online, or call us to pay over the phone

 Your project manager will get in touch with you to confirm your details

 Our professional designers will send your initial logo concepts the next working day (via your project manager)

 Using your feedback we'll do unlimited revisions until you are happy

 Once you've finalised we'll send your professional logo to you in all file formats

Company Logo Design Experts Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

Look for company logo designers who respond positively and promptly to your request and take a little time to get to know your business before they begin work on the commission. Your eventual logo is the public face of your company, and so you want it to reflect not only your services and products, but also your ethos and vision for the future. Sometimes delegation can be stressful, as you are relinquishing control of an area of your business to someone else. However, if you carefully choose a design company that’s up to the task, you can trust that you’re in capable hands.

Once these professionals are given the go-ahead they will use all their expertise and tools of their trade to ensure that you walk away with nothing but the best.

This will cover every aspect of company logo design from the font of the wording, to the colours used and the dimensions of the different visual elements. Each factor of the eventual graphic design company logo produced can be critically important to the overall effect, so rest assured, if you want high quality, this is best handled by the artists. This does not, of course, mean that you will have no input into the process, however !


Penta Techsoft Solution helps customers extract great value from their IT by virtualising and consolidating their server infrastructure. We offer a wide range of server hosted (manged or unmanaged) infrastructure solutions that enables our customers to gain improved control, simplicity and service from their technology investment.

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