ERON TECHNO SOLUTIONS PVT LTD We wanted something better. so we built it, 11/34B, Thiruvalluvar Street, G.N. Mills Post Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore-641 029.

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ERON TECHNO SOLUTIONS PVT LTD   We wanted something better. so we built it,  11/34B, Thiruvalluvar Street, G.N. Mills Post Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore-641 029.


We wanted something better. so we built it,

11/34B, Thiruvalluvar Street, G.N. Mills Post Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore-641 029.


PHONE NO : 90957 90958


We Build Identity! We Design Brand!

Quickly build, integrate, and deploy an enterprise solution of any scale.

Delivering highly scalable solutions with robust coding and flexible functionalities.

Fulfillment of your requirements to manage the IT services in your business.


ERON TECHNO SOLUTIONS is leading Web Designing Company in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA. We offer wide range of Services like Website Design, Web Development, Dynamic Website Designing, SEO Services, Google Adwords, AdSense, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, PPC Management, Magento Development, WordPress Development, CMS / Ecommerce Websites, Web Application Development, etc. We are top Resellers of Services like Domain Names, Web Hosting Services, SSL Certificates, SMS Gateway and Email Solutions, Offshore Software Development.

ETS is a business focused, technology solutions company that enables organizations to create demonstrable business value through the use of technology. Our company is an expert in Web design and Web development, customization, and integration of complex enterprise level solutions, advanced web application offering a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, effective methodology and passion for it.


A great product isn't just a collection of features. It's how it all work together.


We develop reliable and interoperable customer applications using different sets of a platform.


Create cross-platform applications & allow multi-users access under a secure environment.


Cost based on customer satisfaction, without compromise in the quality of the product we deliver.


Development of product with promised quality and delivery of the developed product within a deadline.


We know one business, and that's how to make software.


A unified solution in Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) for large to mid-sized hospitals and polyclinics facilitates managing the functioning of the whole Hospital day to day activities.Our products are designed to support all the major features required by a hospital and are designed with a modular architecture which allows a high level of scalability and flexibility for the end user.


A complete integrated solution for your single to multi chain healthcare unit.


Our HMIS package handles the various functionalities of I.P Management including tasks like Unique Medical Number Assignment, Patient Data, Bed management processes and etc.


Our HMS handles the entire requirement of a hospital. A highly flexible user interface has been designed, with high-level access control for various users based on needs of the hospital.


Our HMS package handles of IP, OP, Laboratory, and pharmacy billing systems across the hospital and helps generate various types of billing for customers based on the hospital policies.


Get more happy and repeated customers for an express billing counter Which manages your peak hours billing.

Make your Supermarket business methodical for you and your Clients.

We provide a one-stop shop for complete POS System solutions. With a focused range of innovative products and services, our POS can help you take control of your business by improving your profitability, accuracy, maximize the efficiency of your employees. our software will give you fast, reliable, and secure support at any level.


Contains powerful automated inventory optimization features designed to help reduce inventory cost and increase cash flow and inventory turns.


Maintains a complete history of customers and allows for customized marketing, customer loyalty programs, accounts receivable tracking and more.


The report list offers an abundance of reports that can be produced rapidly and effectively, with an assortment of channels and organization sorts for yield.


Print customized barcode labels and inventory hang tags for easy accessibility when updating inventory, viewing inventory and at point of sale.


  Have your invoices report available in a GST compatible format,in just a few clicks.

  You can avoid any errors by easily applying cGST, sGST and iGST for every invoice.

  You can enjoy more production and export more goods without any heavy charges.

POS Software with Effective Stock Management

  In-store stock audit.

  Fast item search.

  Point of Sale Software with multiple stock points.

  Easy Reporting

  Fixed reports can be created without IT assistance quickly.

  Move data to Excel easily.

  Email can go with attachment in any format.


Crack every potential Opportunity with sales CRM Software and increment the sales speed of your business with lead administration and lead capability.

Our CRM is ready it use product which manages marketing calls, visits, proposals, orders, expenses, task & activities for customers acquisition engagements. This framework forms the backbone of any business and provides exceptional customer experience.

The product provides a single screen to track all activities across all locations. it also gives you added functions such as interaction history, location wise pricing, an integrated shopping cart.

Certain highlights of the products include planning, reminders, assign accounts and tasks, loyalty, multi-level approval, automated emails and integrated document management to address the current and future needs of growing business.

Sales CRM Features

Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously. Always have more people to see than you have time to see them.

Lead Management

Expedite resolutions by assigning, managing, and routing customer support cases across multiple communications channels, including mail and phone.

Knowledge Management

Organize and publish content easily allowing your customers and service reps to quickly track down the information they need.

Time Tracking

Ensure better visibility into case management with time tracking directly tied to the customer record. Service professionals can easily track time spent with a given client.


Manage all product variants with a range of functions to help you improve efficiency and productivity

Eron Textile Suite, a comprehensive offering for the specific needs of the textile industry, helps companies incorporate contemporary management concepts and best practices. It consists of applications in all key areas of enterprise management such as sales and marketing, inventory and purchase, production, quality, finance, maintenance and human resources.

Accounting & Taxes

Send bills automatically to your accountant and add notes. Prepare Tax, TDS and Excise Reports auotmatically.


Our system will accurately generates relevant reports in real time for making informed business decisions on regular intervals.

Inventory management

Show what needs to be shipped and what needs to be received automatically to the store keeper.

Purchase management

See offer prices of all vendors while creating purchase orders. add purchase and manage incoming stock.

Manage Multiple Outlets

  Each and every server in the outlet shop communicates with the central server and updates the data in every minute.

  This multi-chain solution ensures retailers take well-informed decisions from actionable business intelligence reports.

  Keep your merchants refreshed with new stocks and accessible stocks.

Warehouse Management

  This model helps you manage procurement centrally, as well as raise PO for different stores based on the respective sales indents.

  Track inventory movement completely which includes indent request from outlets, receipt of the indents at warehouse etc.

  Retailers can be rest assured of the entire supply chain process running smoothly without any out-of-stock situations at outlet level.

Process Planning

  With various process, such as turning, weaving, passing on, completing, our ERP can enable you to deal with each procedure in a period and financially savvy way.

  Schedule and robotize all your procedure, consequently spare time .

  Reduce cost by minimalizing wastage, while keeping the nature of the texture .


SPA Software is a powerful program with advance features to help maximize your productivity and keep your business on track.

The best SPA management software features tend to be the same for businesses in the retail section like those pertaining to billing, maintaining customer accounts, etc. However, all these features contribute to making your business run smoothly with plenty of satisfied customers.

With the implementation of spa software, it makes it easier for you, as the owner of the spa to run the business. You can micromanage each task carried out at the spa with a few clicks and thereby even find ways to improve the service offered to your customers.

The most spa management software comes equipped with plenty of tools that help you to connect with your clients via social media accounts. This helps you to get in touch with a larger potential customer base thereby improving revenue for you in the long run.

Our SPA Features

Together we will embark on a journey to grow your salon and get your clients back in more often, spending more!

Appointment Scheduling

It takes just a few clicks to book appointments, easily work out plans for multiple appointments, access client history and personalize reminders.

Point of Sale

Enjoy fast and easy checkout of clients. Manage your cash drawer, gift cards, and all of your transaction types without any hassle.

On-Point Inventory

Acquired retail things are expelled from stock so you can monitor your smash hits. At the point when it's a great opportunity to arrange once more, a single tick makes a buy arrange in light of your rack level or deals history.

Who We Are

By providing digital transformation and services to evolve firms to enter new markets, capture revenue and gain efficiencies.

Our Only Aim, Satisfy Clients.

Eron is a software development company in coimbatore that provides an enterprise with custom technology solutions and combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

Eron Techno Solutions, recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability, loyalty, good corporate citizenship and we allow optimistic thoughts to sprout and to get shared.

Our Ingenuity helps us to look beyond today’s problems to see tomorrow’s opportunities. We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two in our time - so we take this breadth of experience into every new project. Our solutions have been at the forefront of the marketplace.


To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

  • Web Development
  • Web Designing
  • CMS Development
  • ECOM Development
  • Digital Marketing & Brandig
  • Web Hosting

Web Development

We work to deliver particulary optimized responsive web applications, which includes various features integrated with business intelligence.

CMS Development

Our approach is to provide innovative designs and third party integration with the newly built CMS with engaging digital experience for your business.

E-Com Development

We are experts in providing an effective multi-channel eCommerce solutions to your business that drive client acquisition, sales and satisfaction.

Web Designing

We design websites with a consummate blend of creative, latest web standard, modern and marvelous designs, secure codes, and all search engine friendly.

Web Hosting

More than hosting, we offer managed infrastructure, execution & trusted security server hosting solutions to convey your business applications to end-users.

Digital Marketing

Our strategies focus on enhancing online marketing services to build, to promote, to market your brand and to attract the target audience for all kinds of business.

Why Eron

We aspire to work in long-term partnerships with our clients, in relationships characterised by mutual trust, respect and benefit.

“If it is not written down, it does not exist.”

We the team of highly skilled professionals, composed our products from scratch, so we are aware of all of our systems inside-out and have full control. This implies our customers get precisely what they're looking for. We offer an excessive degree of technical expertise in the industry and are obsessed with getting to know new technologies.

So we help you to unlock your competitive advantage. We as well dedicate and focus the needs of our clients to provide 100% satisfaction on what we deliver. Since we not only understand our client's web needs but even their business needs have propelled Eron driving our growth for over years.With a full suite of innovative technologies we simplify the success of ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors.

Would we be a good fit?

We always keep an eye out for promising products and experienced development teams to help us provide you with the best software solutions available.


We truely believe that our success comes at being the best supporter for our clients and the strong, lasting partnerships we have built with our clients.

Work Culture

Eron is in a constant state of change and improvement, is extremely transparent, foster innovation, creativity and promotes a sincere work culture.


Our state-of-the-art brings out professionalism and the conceptualization as our interiors are based totally on the professionals, multicultural values.


We helps businesses provide more seamless, effective customer support by enhancing collaboration and breaking down internal barriers.


Rapid, professional, and courteous handling.

Intelligence gathering through issue knowledge base.

Regular communication and coordination.

Our Vision

Our Vision & aim is to be a successful entrepreneur with qualitative services and to win the global race, by implementing the effective strategies & provide customer satisfaction which is the only motto of Eron Techno Solutions.

Our Mission

To “enter the global with the multiple business solutions” & to relate latest technology gadgets with domestic business requirements in off-shore and on-shore globally. We believe in using our creativity & aesthetic potential in providing flexible website solutions and user-friendly interfaces.

Quality Policies

  Understanding current and future customer requirements.

  Endeavoring to surpass the client's desires.

  Carrying out detection and prevention of possible problems.

  Applying modern technologies to constantly improve skills of our employees.

  Regularly conduct design and source code reviews.

  Profit sustainability by cost control.

  Ensure timely completion of projects by adhering to well-defined process and performance metrics.

  Developing close co-operative relationships with suppliers.

  Follow a concept of continuous improvement.

  Deliver services that meet customer’s needs and requirements

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