We're the Bulk Email Marketing Service provider you're looking for!!!

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We're the Bulk Email Marketing Service provider you're looking for!!!

Email Marketing allows you to target specific groups of people based on customer profiles such as age, gender and interests. This helps you send relevant content which increases the chances of conversion into leads or sales.

The following are some benefits of email marketing:

• Low cost – Compared to other forms of digital marketing like social media ads or PPC campaigns, email marketing costs less money but gives better results in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). You can start small with a basic plan which will give you access to tools like A/B testing and segmentation which will help you improve your conversion rate


✔️Direct Inbox Delivery

MailIntegra gives you the power to deliver your emails directly into your subscriber's inbox provided your content is legitimate. Convert your leads into sales with appropriate communication.

✔️Email Newsletter Management

Email Marketing helps you in bridging the communication gap between your clients and opt-in Email Subscribers by giving you a versatile Email Marketing Software.

• Send Important School Updates

• Send Absence notifications

• Remind colleagues of Conference Call or Sales Meeting

• Announce Company News

• Broadcast Emergency Alerts

• Provide Appointment Reminders

• Confirm Orders and Product Delivery Status

• Recruit Volunteers / Substitutes



For more info visit : www.stardotstar.in

Contact us : 98400 59095, 98400 66333

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