Bulk Email Marketing Software for Professional Mass Email Marketing

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Bulk Email Marketing Software for Professional Mass Email Marketing

MAIL INTEGRA provides custom email marketing campaigns to help you grow your business

✔️We help customers engage with their target audience and provide a comfortable, relevant and timely communication.

✔️We have a user friendly interface that allows you to manage your email lists, build custom email campaigns and monitor the results.


✔️Direct Inbox Delivery

MailIntegra gives you the power to deliver your emails directly into your subscriber's inbox provided your content is legitimate. Convert your leads into sales with appropriate communication.

✔️Email Newsletter Management

Email Marketing helps you in bridging the communication gap between your clients and opt-in Email Subscribers by giving you a versatile Email Marketing Software.

• Send Important School Updates

• Send Absence notifications

• Remind colleagues of Conference Call or Sales Meeting

• Announce Company News

• Broadcast Emergency Alerts

• Provide Appointment Reminders

• Confirm Orders and Product Delivery Status

• Recruit Volunteers / Substitutes                                               


For more info visit : www.stardotstar.in

Contact us : 98400 59095, 98400 66333, 04428263355. 

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