solution for keeping the kitchen drain line unclogged

Nagarajan Swaminathan | June 18, 2023, 6:11 p.m.

solution for keeping the kitchen drain line unclogged

Drain lines from kitchen of a home, restaurant, industrial canteen, messes tend to clog due to the accumulation of oils, fats and grease used while cooking. Coupled with this greasy materials the other components of food materials like flour, rice , vegetables can add up to the cloggy mass that blocks the pipe lines and the water flow. 

Accumulation of these debris also emanates foul odour  over a period of time left unattended clogs to be cleared regularly. The cleaning involves, labour, time and breakdown costs and expensve hazardous chemicals to clean the mess. 

Here is an alternate way of addressing this issue with an eco friendly, non hazardous, biological solution which on regular use with simple addition in the drain line can make your maintenance of sink and pipes easy on the go of using the drain lines daily. This can also help in keeping the fat & grease chambers clean and easy flowing with out any foul odor and down the stream reduces the pollution load on the treatment systen like a sewage oe effluent treatment pant in industiral and commercial establishments. 

Here is the product Microbiozyme- FGX 50 a specialised blend of enzymes to degrade the fat & grease and carbohydrates, proteins etc in the Food watse drain lines. The biosurfactant in the product penetrates the clogs and facilitates the enazymes to act fast and degrade the material. The dual action formula clears the clogged materials in to fragments and smaller particles and keeps the flow clear. 

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