Athma Hospitals and Research 12B 10th Cross (East) Thillai Nagar,Tiruchirappalli – 620 018 Tamil Nadu, India.

Athma Hospitals and Research | June 16, 2023, 1:52 p.m.

Athma Hospitals and Research  12B 10th Cross (East) Thillai Nagar,Tiruchirappalli – 620 018 Tamil Nadu, India.

Athma Hospitals and Research

12B 10th Cross (East) Thillai Nagar,Tiruchirappalli – 620 018 Tamil Nadu, India.

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Welcome to Athma Hospitals

Athma is one of the premier private psychiatric institutes in India with 30 years of expertise in mental health that provides a recovery-focused service treating a wide range of mental health problems. The unique feature of this hospital is its multidisciplinary approach in patient care, research, training programmes and also in the Promotive, Preventive and Curative aspects of clinical services in the area of Mental Health and Human Behavioural Science. We have a 24/7 service with an ambulance facility to bring violent patients to the hospital.


Mind Care Center


Child & Adolescent Guidance Centre

Center for learning Disabilities

Suicide Prevention

Counselling Center


Rehab centre

Residential Centre

Special School

Community Outreach



We, Athma Mind Centre (Unit of Athma Hospitals & Research Pvt Ltd, Trichy), have started functioning in Chennai from 19th December 2016.

Our life has become tough day by day due to advancement in Science & Technology. Human interaction is the basis for Human Relations. In the present days Digital Era where electronic devices (computer) replaced human beings and decreased the possibility of human interaction to a greater extent. 

Liberalisation, Privatisation & Globalisation have impacted the joint family system and the faster economy of our country, resulting in the rapid migration of families towards metropolitan cities. Life in cities like Chennai, speed is considered to be the key to maintaining normalcy. Every individual is haunted by a lack of time. So much the pressure has increased that at times one feels wrecked.

Due to the high level of Workplace demands, Long working hours, tremendous job pressure & job insecurity Working population are succumbing to depression and accumulated psychological stress.

All these factors mentioned above has got a greater negative impact on the emotional health of individual, families & organisations resulting with Poor social skills, eating disorder & declined emotional competencies of children, challenges for parenting, rising dependent on Electronic gadgets, increased rate of violence & sexual-based crimes, addiction, premarital Sex & unwanted pregnancies and Live in Relationship related issues among youngsters.

High incidents of Divorce among newly married couples are on the rise due to obesity, PCOD, infertility, marital disharmony & Extramarital affairs.

In the fast-moving Life, Are we really able to get someone who lends their ear and listen carefully & empathetically to what one has got to say? To shed their tears, share problems, express fears, talk about their confusion, conclude etc.  How long can these feeling be bottled up? One need to ventilate to escape from an emotional burst out. If it is not possible, one ends up either to depression (or) in the addiction. The worst is suicide (or) any other major mental health problems.


Athma Mind Centre

Rani Arcade, 24/5, 1st Street,Near Ashok Pillar,Ashok Nagar, Chennai,Tamil Nadu 600083

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At ATHMA  MIND Centre,  Our consultant Psychiatrist, Psychological Counsellor & Therapist aims at helping such disturbed individual to overcome his/her problems and live better and richer life. We are here to help you gain confidence and become clear and independent after assessing the problems systematically and applying suitable psychosocial therapies.

I am taking treatment for the past two years from Chennai. Branch. The counsellor, Mr Pragadeeshwaran’s Counselling at the Madras branch is excellent. My improvement was very quick and recovered through counselling and consultation with Dr Ramakrishnan. Chief psychiatrist. Thank you very much. 

-Sridevi Srinivasan

What We Offer

 We offer confidential, independent, impartial, and informal problem-solving and conflict management resources in our centre. We provide a safe place to voice your concerns and explore options and strategies for dealing with your issues.

1Inter Personal Problems-  Conflicts, strained relationships and lack of understanding

2 Family Issues- Marital disharmony, sexual problems and Divorce

3.School Children problem- Lack of concentration, attention deficit, scholastic backwardness, behavioural & Emotional problem

4.Adolescent Problem- Distraction & Deviation, Love affair, Sexual Problems,

5. Alcohol & Drugs Addiction 

6.Neurotic Problems- Anxiety, fearfulness, adjustmental reactions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriasis disorder, hysterical behaviour

7.Emotional Problem- Mood disturbances, Feeling of overt guilt, Depression, Suicidal ideations

8. COVID Phobia Counselling

9.Work-related Stress Management

10.Learning Difficulties of Children

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