The Enduring Relevance of SMS: How SMSIntegra has Empowered Enterprises for Over 18 Years

Admin | April 4, 2023, 7:35 a.m.

The Enduring Relevance of SMS: How SMSIntegra has Empowered Enterprises for Over 18 Years

SMSIntegra started offering SMS-based messaging services back in 2003. OTP’s, verification, Order confirmation, Delivery status updates, Account Debit/credit alerts, upsell/cross-sell marketing offers – SMS has seen adoption across varied transactional and promotional use cases across all the Enterprise verticals. | +91-98400-66333 

SMSIntegra has been involved in driving customer engagement, acquisition, and retention, with the most advanced, user-friendly, and robust Enterprise SMS as a service platform.

With personal messaging being moved to other OTT Apps, the SMS inbox has become the new business inbox which only has OTPs, Banking alerts, EMI reminders, Flight confirmations, Order confirmations, Doctor appointment reminders, etc.

SMSIntegra has incorporated SMS into the existing marketing strategies for Jwellery stores, airlines, automotive companies , fmcg companies , e-commerce companies, and banking sector, at every stage of their engagement lifecycle.

Today, people send around 18.7 billion texts to each other globally. SMS is still considered to be one of the most familiar modes of communication that offer excellent value for money. Confirming its position as the unwavering communication channel, SMS remains a relevant engagement tool for businesses to engage customers, employees, and partners.

From 2003, for almost two decades now, SMSIntegra has made it easier for brands to build meaningful interactions with their customers over telecom (SMS and Voice) and internet (WhatsApp, RCS and chatbot) channels.

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