KUMARAGIRI SPINNERSS P LTD SF.No. 391,392,Kuttakadu, Valrajapalayam,Sanyasipatti Agraharam (Po), Sankari West(Via), Namakkal - 637 304,TN.

KUMARAGIRI SPINNERSS P LTD | June 16, 2023, 5:18 p.m.

KUMARAGIRI SPINNERSS P LTD   SF.No. 391,392,Kuttakadu, Valrajapalayam,Sanyasipatti Agraharam (Po), Sankari West(Via),  Namakkal - 637 304,TN.


SF.No. 391,392,Kuttakadu, Valrajapalayam,Sanyasipatti Agraharam (Po), Sankari West(Via),

Namakkal - 637 304,TN.

EMAIL : office@kumaragiri.com

CALL : 98427 31313 , 99655 44788 ,  96592 31313

Delivering fine yarn for the finest Fabrics...

Welcome to Kumaragiri

With three decades of experience in textiles, three families came together to full-fill their dream of starting a spinning mill, which came alive in 2006 under the name Kumaragiri Spinnerss (P) Limited. Currently, business is headed by Mr T.R. Thangavell- the Managing Director, Mr S. Nagarajan- the Director and Mr A. Murthy- the Director. Apart from spinning yarn, this group also weave and knit high-quality custom-made fabrics.

Timely delivery, prompt customer service and superior quality have been crucial to our growth. With our experienced team and skilled labor force, we were able to meet all our targets consistently. Making things eco-friendly is always in our mantra and with this intention, the group has initiated the “Spin by Wind” program. Through this program, so-far 50% of electricity consumed by the group has been produced through our windmills. We are marching towards to attain 100% renewable energy in the upcoming years. With the corporate office at Pallipalayam, Yarn spinning is carried out at Mill 1 in Veppadai near erode. Woven fabric manufacturing at Mill 2 in Veppadai and Knits are produced in Tirupur.



Kumaragiri Spinnerss Pvt Ltd - Manufacturer of Spun Yarn (Ring & Vortex).

Vst Spintex (India) Pvt Ltd - Manufacturer of Polyester Sewing Threads.

Jayashree Weaves (India) Pvt Ltd - Manufacturer of Woven Fabric.

Texbees - Manufacturer of Ready to cut Finished Knit Fabrics.


Spun Yarn - 1500 Tons/Month

Woven Greige Fabric - 20 lakh mtrs/Month

Knitted Fabric(Ready to Cut Finished Fabric) - 250 Tons/Month


Total employment includes more than 85% of women labor.

7.2 MW electricity generation is achieved through Windmill and 6mw through solar Power. We do encourage our customers to get involved in our ideology of sustainability.

Quality of the products is inspected continuously by implementing checkpoints at various stages of production, including testing the raw material, process stock and the final product.

Our innovative products are being displayed regularly at the trade shows across Tirupur, Delhi and Surat for world-class buyers every year.

Our products are sold across India and are also directly exported to several countries, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Srilanka, Spain and Vietnam.


Our yarn spinning is equipped with machinery from various brands that include TRUTZSCHLER - Germany, RIETER - France, MURATEC - Japan, LMW - India and SCHLAFHORST - Germany. With our automated and well-equipped infrastructure, we can achieve the desired quality of yarn with minimum human handling. Our facility also includes rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant.


We produce both Ring spun and Vortex yarn. Our strength lies in the flexibility of manufacturing multiple varieties of synthetic blended yarn at any point of time, with counts ranging from 16s to 45s. We also produce Recycled Polyester yarn and its blends from recycled PET bottles and Antimicrobial yarn for medical applications.

Testing lab

International standard in-house testing facility gives us the advantage of frequently carrying out various quality checks like count, CSP, and imperfections and produces yarn at a consistent quality.

Training program

We are moving towards becoming a people-centric corporation by training our employees to gain technical and leadership skills on a regular basis.

Valuable buyers

Our products are majorly converted into specialty garments exported to Europe and USA by most of our customers. Our in-house weaving and knitting division also consume a significant amount of our yarn.

Employee Programs

We provide in house shelter to more than 60% of our employees. They enjoy various benefits such as specialized medical camps, weekend recreational activities, yearly trips to tourist destinations and many more at our place.


The fabric division of Kumaragiri spinnerss - Texbees, is located in knit city "Tirupur" Tamil Nadu. Established in 2018, we currently deliver ready to cut finished fabric (knitted fabric) to our customers.


Our product ranges include basic jersey, Lycra jersey, rib, interlock to all kinds of fancy fabric such as Jacquard, yarn-dyed stripes, structured fabric, cozy fabric, etc. Our core strength lies in Fleece fabric.

R & D

We have a strong R & D team working closely with key brands on the fabric development side based on trend direction and offering a wide variety of innovative fabric hangers to the customers for their presentation.

Fabric Library

We have also created a fabric library that includes all of our developments, which you can reach through this link : Fabric Library


Global fashion is moving towards sustainability, where everyone is playing their role to save the environment for our future. We also manufacture a wide range of fabrics using sustainable fibers including BCI Cotton, Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Bamboo, Eco-vera viscose, Livaeco viscose, and its blends.We are also manufacturing salt-free dyed fabric.


Knitted Fabric Ranges include basic & lycra Jersy, Rib, Interlock, Fleece fabrics, Jacquard yarn-dyed stripes, Structured fabric, Cozy fabric, ect Our Various Fabric varities can be found in the below URL: TexBee Library

Woven fabric ranges include Plain weave, Stain Weave, Twill weave, Drill weave, Crepe fabric, Cozy fabric, Dobby designs, Lurex fabrics, and Jaquard design fabrics.

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