GADDIEL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED IT Services and IT Consulting 4th Floor-Meyyappa Towers,Door#48, Third Cross,Sundar Nagar, KK Nagar PO,Tiruchirapalli 620 021, India.


GADDIEL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED  IT Services and IT Consulting  4th Floor-Meyyappa Towers,Door#48, Third Cross,Sundar Nagar, KK Nagar PO,Tiruchirapalli 620 021, India.


IT Services and IT Consulting

4th Floor-Meyyappa Towers,Door#48, Third Cross,Sundar Nagar, KK Nagar PO,Tiruchirapalli 620 021, India.

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Gaddiel Technologies is founded by IT service professionals with decades of deep software development, product design, solution architecture and business intelligence experience in varied technologies and domains.

Our strength lies in adopting ourselves to the real need of the customer. We not only meet the need, but generally exceed the expectations. With digital technologies pervading every sphere of everyone’s life, products and solutions are focused in reaching customer touch-points on smart devices. The changes in the technology requires swift changes in the working methods, manpower planning and adaptations . The inherent advantage small business like ours has is that we can morph to the changing needs rapidly.

Our competencies to define strategy, consult and value add to our customer, is in assisting our clients to connect directly with consumers on smart devices. These strategies evolve solutions that provide a localized and personalized experience to the consumer on their mobile devices which are always by their side. Our solutions reach the hands of the consumer anytime, anywhere.

Our delivery model has the unique mix of time-tested old school thoughts, modern process oriented agile methodologies and efficient delivery models to ensure phase wise implementations. We have an agile environment where each one cares for the other and adjust to the needs of the time. We are successful in delivering effective high quality on-time solutions within budgets.

Our commitment is to ensure that we plan and build solutions that meet not only the business requirements but also to embed in it the core values of our clients. We also make certain that our solution plans include human values and business ethics. We guarantee that our commitment is conveyed to all the stake-holders.

Our VISION is to provide continuous value addition to our clients by delivering excellent business solutions at low cost using appropriate and latest technologies.

Our MISSION is to develop a fortune of services with best of value to our clients.


The goal of a successful business is to meet customer needs. The customer need, aka, consumer need is ever changing. To gratify the change in need, people need to learn new techniques and come up with out-of-the-box thinking. Not only that, they need an environment to make mistakes, be honest about it, do necessary course correction and make the new ideas work. This requires an organization that believes in motivating, innovating, investing and developing talent in-house.

Gaddiel Technologies team


Gaddiel team has a free hand in learning and adopting new technologies. Gaddiel is fully equipped to meet the requirements by training, self-learning and implementation. They are provided sufficient time to understand new technologies and come up with proto-type solutions for current and potential future client situations.

Customer Focus

Gaddiel team’s philosophy is customer centric with commitment to fulfill the client needs and go beyond it if needed. We work closely with our clients to realize their goals and always maintain a professional and result driven approach to engineer creative solutions.


Gaddiel team has all the strengths to take-up technical, creative and strategy development to companies large and small and to provide end-to-end solutions to medium sized enterprises. The services provided have seamless integration with their existing systems. The team adheres to strict international quality standards.


Gaddiel team has the capability to provide mobile solutions, eCommerce solutions, web application development, website design and digital marketing solutions. The team is also capable of handling enhancements, customizations, maintenance and support of existing applications.


Gaddiel team believes in continuing relationship with the customer and support them to achieve the best Returns On Investment. After implementation or deployment and sign-off of any business solution at any level, be it a full scale implementation or a simple customized solution, we provide support services. These services are flexible to the cutomer requirement.


Gaddiel team comprises of engineers/masters in software engineering, computer applications or information technology. They have worked in different domains across continents and have international exposure.


Peter Franklin

Peter has rich experience in non-IT and IT industry. At the age of 18, through a competitive examination, he landed in a safe mundane non-IT job. While doing the day job, he obtained his Bachelor degree in Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.

Being ambitious, he associated with entreprenuers, marketed financial products, etc. He had gone through the peaks and valleys of life. His life-hack is 'to stay positive, be creative and pivot as needed'.

Sensing the opportunity in software industry, he underwent a yogic self-learning stint. Gaining confidence, he quit the non-IT job, at first opportunity. After 8 months of search, he joined an IT Company. He worked in different roles in different organizations in different countries for about 15 years. While working at Singapore, he obtained his Masters in Business Administration.

His entrepreneurial spirit not waning, he co-founded Gaddiel and aims to make it a top-notch company.


He is unassuming and wishes the company good growth. Whenever there is need he is ready to chip in and help the organization to reach the goal.


Gaddiel was incorporated in 2011, with the aim to

Provide industrial exposure to interns and fresher and help them to be industry ready at course completion

Provide IT solutions to segments of society that cannot afford costly solutions and are yet to exploit benefits of IT

Provide software solutions to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to stay competitive

Gaddiel Technologies Growth

Before Gaddiel could establish its presence, the industrial scenario changed forever. Smart devices reached the hands of consumers and cloud solutions became the order of the day. There was a drastic change in the expectations of both consumers and clients. Even the recruitment process went through a sea-change. Business-To-Consumer and Business-To-Business companies needed innovative solution to expand distribution and capture new market territory for better monetization.

Gaddiel realized the potential growth for mobile solutions and entered into solution provisioning on smart devices in the second half of 2012. We have gone through all the stages of a start-up; failed to develop products that fit the market, failed to understand consumer expectation or need; was attached to the idea; big-bang approach without getting consumer feedback, etc. etc. We started generating revenue only in year-3 and have grown to sustain ourselves on our cash flow.

With a core young team, ever ready to learn new technologies and techniques, we have established systems and practices to develop smart solutions to cater to different segments of the society. We are happy and proud to state that we have sailed along the changes in technologies. We currently develop solutions in the latest and current technologies for our clients and employ new techniques and solutions in our Products. We have grown to the stage where we are “Getting Real” feedback from early adopters on our Minimum Viable Products.

In this hypercompetitive and hyper-connected marketplace, we expect a transilient change by 2018.


It has been only 8 years since Andorid was launched. In this very short period, the mobile application technology has changed the way people behave and interact with others for social, business, financial, health, purchase and other routine activities.

An average mobile user, be it a customer or a business professional, wants the mobile app to help him do things in an easier and better way. The capability to provide these services come from availability of cloud-based solutions on pay-on-use or subscription based models rather than perpetual licenses.

In recent years, mobile application is the base for some of the start-ups which have had tremendous success. Many more business professionals are joining the mobile band-wagon to grab the attention of more customers. All new industries are sure to come with mobile-first accesses to consumers.

The future is not merely consumption of technology, but adopting it to create new solutions and drive changes to enable people to accomplish more.

In our solutions, we have moved away from “Product” development to “Platform” based solutions. Each solution focuses on a specific need of the general consumer. Mobile Apps for consumers help them to reach for these services at ease. Service Providers connect directly to consumers looking for these services by loging-in to the platform from mobile-only or mobile-first applications.

We hope “Platform” based “Freemium” model will help us to grow organically

We expect the initial growth by references rather than by paid growth

We plan to cultivate a large user base through the above techniques

We plan to employ multiple engines of growth to create a large user base

We believe that some of our plans, when it sees the light of day, could be disruptive, but very helpful for digital consumers.

And it is not going to slow down in the near future.


Mobile Applications

We are pioneers in building iPhone Apps and Android Apps. We develop native mobile apps and as well use latest frameworks and technologies for cross platform mobile app development. We have expertise in mobile application development with location based solutions. We design and build intuitive User Interface to provide rich user experience.

Some of our solutions are:


DiskountMonkey is a location aware app that shows promotions and deals around you. You can plan your purchases on your way to work Or home. You're the real winner when you discover the good stuff at the right prices. It serves as Android Mobile Application and iPhone Application and comes from Digital Druids. DiskountMonkey is a wholly owned brand of Digital Druids Private Limited, India. It is a trademarked name in India with full rights given to Digital Druids Pte Ltd, To know more visit

Promotions and deals in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Udaipur were available at launch. A few of the initial clients are High Street Phonix, Mumbai; CapitaMalls Udaipur; Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai; Viveks Chennai; VivoCity, Singapore. We are proud that our first hybrid mobile app has got good clientele and doing great in this space.


A “freemium” product from Gaddiel Technologies. This mobile-first “booking management” hybrid cross platform mobile app is designed for managers and owners of venues like Convention Halls, Party Halls, Marriage Halls, Meeting Halls, etc. The availability of the property can be published on the net on the Rentatez platform to help a consumer to search for and book the property. It has in-app features to contact the users over phone or email. To know more, please visit our website Rentatez


This cross platform mobile application helps anyone to track any mobile object on scheduled time intervals. The app provides for setting the purpose of the mobility for analytical purposes. The application provides facility to publish movement information of the mobile object. Access to the movement information is provided to the interest-group. The application is under field trial.

Jindal Hawk-i

This native Android mobile app caters to Customer Relationship Management and Reporting requirements. The data captured is shared across the management team for follow-up on the customer requirements. Travel efficiency and compliance to Standard Operating Procedures and Processes are tracked. Analytics on efficiency of the employees and compliance on customer issues are provided. The travel allowances and expenses are reported and reimbursed by validating the travel recorded through this mobile app.

Gaddiel Hawki

This is a base raw version of Internet-Of-Things product from Gaddiel. This product comprises of two native Android mobile apps that sits on two Android devices. One of the devices acts as a ‘controller’ to handle the behavior of another Android device called as ‘remote’. The controller sends command by SMS to the remote to start or stop its activities or a process at user configurable time intervals. Administration, reporting and analysis of the remote is handled in the controller.

Reflective Rosary (English), (Tamil), (Malayalam)

Our first native Android mobile app that helps Roman Catholics to pray the rosary. This mobile app is available in Google Play as paid version and free versions. The paid version has facility to record the prayers in user’s favorite voice. The prayer can be scheduled. The display language and the schedules are configurable. These Apps are downloaded across the globe and has received positive comments. iPhone mobile apps for Reflective Rosary is planned for release in December 2016.

Web Applications

We have rich experience in solution definition, prototyping, development, testing and deployment of home-grown web applications. We develop simple web applications and complex applications using Laravel frameworks. We provide high quality web applications that give excellent Return On Investment. We have provided solution for ecommerce, shopping carts, integrated payment gateways, authentication with social media and SMS implementations.

Dialysis Learning

Dialysis Learning is a portal that aggregates all the information related to Dialysis Learning and Care. Professional courses in dialysis treatment and patient care are conducted through this portal. Student Registration, Student Management and Course Management are seamlessly handled. The enrolled students have Single Sing On (SSO) access to a cloud based educational content streaming platform. Examinations are conducted offline and also online through independent third party tools. The training empowers students with a better job in the Dialysis industry worldwide. Placement assistance is also provided.


Rentatez is a platform to let the public search for venues like Convention Halls, Party Halls, Marriage Halls, Meeting Halls, etc. When management of the venue joins this “freemium” platform, availability of the venue and booking information are visible to the user. The user can send his intention to book the venue to the management. All other processes for confirming the booking, terms and conditions, payments are at present handled by the venue management. Additionally user is provided with information on related services through advertisements. If the management has not shared the availability, only the features and facilities in and around the venue are listed. Please visit our website to know How It works.

Based on the demand from the property management and the users, confirmation of booking, payments and other features are proposed to be handled in this application.

The unique selling point of this application is publishing the availability of the property and providing facility to convey the booking request.


Recruit4success is a UK based recruitment management company specializing in Health Care Services. At present this site has facility to inform the candidate about the available job openings. The job openings are managed by the administrator of the website through an access restricted login page.

The management has planned for a full-fledged recruitment portal with secured access to recruiters, candidates and agencies.


This is an application to manage the back-office functions of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. This facilitates attendance management, task management, time sheet management and document management. It is being used in Gaddiel and by some of our clients on a field trial basis.

This is proposed to be made modular and as “freemium” services.

Learning Management

The learning management application is for our client to provide online training on Dialysis Care for technicians and nurses under the brand Kidney University.

Give Blood India

The application registers the blood donor and allows search of donors. The application is integrated with SMS gateway to send the matching donors details for each blood donation requests. Management reports on donors, requests and donations made by registered donors are generated. This application has had good media coverage in Bangalore.


The web application is to manage the Jindal Hawk-i Android Mobile App. It provides for registration, job-hierarchy of field staff for reporting on field activities, integrated with accounts for expenses and travel allowances. Travel efficiency is calculated by recording the mean time of travel between different designated places to ensure that the field staffs achieve optimum performance.

Analytics is provided on compliance with Standard Operating Procedures, Schedule of Customer Visits. Performance and compliance analytical reports are generated for a period of 9 months with comparison over quarter-on-quarter. Performance Analysis, Grading and Evaluation are based on these data.


A SaaS based Web-Cum-WebView Mobile Application for Small and Medium Clinical Labs to automate their processes and reports. Patients, Doctors, Clinical labs and Lab vendors are provided role based access. Patients can login and get their clinical reports and consolidate report of the last 3-5 tests (parameterized).

Doctors can login to the application and check the current report of patients and comparative study of the last 3-5 tests. Lab Vendors are given access to enter the clinical test results to help the generation of report quickly. Please feel free to have a look at this java-based application using following Guest Account.

Username :

Password : Admin1234

eCommerce Solutions

In the last 15 years of technology based commerce, eCommerce has made quantum leap. 25% of global commerce is expected to go digital by 2020. Different techniques, features and facilities and availability of infrastructure as a Service has enabled a number of companies adapt ecommerce platform to reach consumers directly. Even artisans and traders have adapted eCommerce platforms to directly sell their products online. The Supply Chain Management and consumer behavior towards purchasing online has improved over the last couple of years.

Development in mobile, social media, data analytics, personalization and localization has helped many new startups to come up with the online or mobile-only market places.

Gaddiel has always adapted those technologies and developed solutions and products in the latest technologies. Gaddiel is coming up with its own brand of products in some consumer-centric markets. A few of them are scheduled to be available before close of 2016.

Consulted on feasibility and Go-or-NoGo for enabling eCommerce.

Implemented payment gateway for accepting donations. Managed the interaction between the Client and PayUbiz for TDR, Terms and Conditions, Payment Gateway integration requirements and documentation.

Medical Product Online Shopping

A unique Shopping Cart in health-care under development. It is planned as a platform to connect the manufacturer/sellers and bulk buyers.

Web Sites

Quality Care Dialysis LLC (QCD) is an US Corporation founded by Professionals from the Renal Industry and is backed up by eminent Nephrologists to bring quality delivery to Dialysis patients around the globe and improve patient outcomes. It's aim is to

  • Own and Manage Dialysis Clinics
  • Conduct Dialysis Education Programs
  • Project Management Services

Vivo Kindney Care is owned by Renal Dialysis Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India. The vision of this organization is to provide premium quality kidney disease management care through their network centers across the country at an affordable cost.

It is operating with a mission to make the patient experience the change to “Feel Better, Live Longer” with their quality health care dialysis treatment.

Vivo Kidney Care Foundation (VKCF) is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people with kidney and urologic diseases and individuals waiting for organ and tissue transplants. We integrated payment gateway with PayUbiz to receive donations.

This website is to provide online education on Dialysis treatment. This site will handle the enrolment, assignment and management of students. It is planned to be a MOOC with specific focus on dialysis programs

Diploma Course for Dialysis Technicians

Diploma Course for Dialysis Nurses

Fellowship in Nephrology for Medical Physicians.

This website will handle the Project Management Services for Dialysis Centers around the globe.

Jindal Polybuttons Pvt Ltd is a preferred trim solution partner to the global apparel industry. The company has created a brand that is a one stop sourcing point and continues to provide a super efficient supply chain for the apparel industry. We provided a unique catalogue with Table Of Contents. The catalogue with Table of Contents was not available in the plug-in market at that time.

Ebizoncloud Services is a consulting firm specialized in Oracle Fusion Middleware Solution Architecture and Infrastructure Support, Cloud Computing (AWS, Oracle and MS Azure), Virtualization and System Integration technology and Business services. We had designed its logo, product image customizations and provided the initial version of the website.

This is the first website we built apart from our website. As the name suggests, it is a website for a church.


Custom Application Development

We believe that each business house is unique and some of them may not be able to find a generic product catering to their unique processes. Neither any off-the-shelve product exists for them till date. We are very passionate to take up these challenging tasks. We will provide an innovative and flexible design and deliver the custom solutions in short-time frame without compromising quality.

Our Services and Solutions are generally a mix of Web Application for the maintenance of the system and Mobile App for field level information processing. We provide cost effective solutions by developing it on open source systems and using cloud-based infrastructure.

Application Enhancement

Enhancement of an application needs rather special skills like understanding the current application, finding the gaps and developing and deploying solutions that can integrate with the current application to fill the gap. Gaddiel team has a rich and long experience in such developments including customizations and enhancements of Oracle Applications and Custom Applications.

Interface Development

Gaddiel has strong strength in developing interfaces to migrate and port custom data, legacy data and transfer of data between disparate systems. Interfacing is done for the Custom Applications and Web applications as part of customizations and enhancements.

Legacy Application Managed Services

There are quite a number of applications running on legacy systems. The business houses have no intention of migrating to latest technologies as these applications are internal and they meet their internal business requirements. The online applications developed are interfaced to these systems by third party or custom applications and satisfy the requirement of the business houses. Since the young generation takes to learning new technologies only, the availability of resources to manage these legacy systems are becoming scarce.

Some of the technologies which Gaddiel team has expertise and willing to handle are:

Forms 4.5



Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Customizations and Extensions of Oracle Ebiz Suite

Gaddiel is willing to take up maintenance, support, customization and enhancement of these applicaions on offshore/onsite model.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Gaddiel founders and contacts have proven track record in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence across various industries and verticals. The projects handled by them in BI Services & Solutions are catered towards helping customers to efficiently organize their valuable data elements into information and information into intelligence by leveraging various Business Intelligence tools.


We do support in maintaining the applications that we have developed or customized. We have running contracts with our clients for maintenance of their web sites, web applications and mobile applications.

Business Process Management

"Business Process Management is the discipline of managing processes (rather than tasks) as the means for improving business performance outcomes and operational agility. Processes span organizational boundaries, linking together people, information flows, systems, and other assets to create and deliver value to customers and constituents." - Gartner

Business process re-engineering could be very complex when an organization:

spans across the globe

has multiple touch points at every step of the process

cuts across multiple time zones

third parties involved with conflicting priorities

overlapping functional boundaries

lack of clarity about the subsequent steps

missing service level agreements (SLAs)

In pursuit of solving these problems for customers, we came across Pega as a tool of choice that helps optimize business processes, automate the workflows, clearly define the SLAs, provide meaningful metrics and collaborate between business functions.


GADDIEL provides intership to senior students in their final year of the course. This is aimed to help them test-drive a career field, build marketable skills and figure out their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. These interns will have a better success with the job search when they pass-out of the college.

GADDIEL also provides training for college pass-outs in key technical skills that are on demand.

Our focus areas are

Native Mobile Application Development (Android,iOS)

Cross Platform Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Web Application Development

Open Source Web Technologies

Latest Frameworks: Ionic Framework, Laravel, Cordova

Mean Stack, XAMP, REST API

Java, PHP, JavaScripts (Angular Js, Node Js)

Data Analytics through R, Appliance Db, Hadoop/Spark, Pentaho, Informatica

Our Methodology of Training is:

Training involves three almost simultaneous processes.

First, there is acquisition of new information -- often information that runs counter to or is a replacement for what the person has previously known.

A second aspect of learning is transformation -- the process of manipulating knowledge to make it fit new tasks. Transformation comprises the ways we deal with information in order to go beyond it.

A third aspect of learning is evaluation -- checking whether the way we have manipulated information is adequate to the task.

Adopting the above Methodology, we

Hand-pick the candidates who are willing to learn

Hand-hold them in acquiring the basic knowledge

Transform their knowledge in real world scenarios by providing opportunities to work in projects that are either PoC or as shadow resources in our development

Continuously evaluate for industry readiness

Why Us

Our belief: Price you pay us is for the value you give your customer through our solutions.

Our principle:Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. – Steve Jobs

Our solution: Real Development, Real Product, Real Profits.

Our Team

  • Founded by two expat professionals each with 2 decades of IT Experience
  • Managed by passionate and certified professionals
  • Highly trained engineers
  • Average Experience: 7+ years
  • Hands-on-resources Experience: 3+ years
  • In-house trained

Our Expertise

Execution Approach

GADDIEL adopts the industry standard methodologies in its offerings. Functional and Technical Requirement Specifications and Change Management are core to the execution.

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Proof of Concept
  • Detailed Functional and Business Requirement Freeze
  • Detailed Project Plan, Resource and Cost Estimate and Change Management Freeze
  • Development and Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Deployment
  • Sign-Off
  • Warranty Support
  • Support

Gaddiel prefers Agile Methodology in execution approach. We also provide a Single Point of Contact for all the phases of the Project.

Pure Offshore:

Offshore Development will cater to Fixed Bid (Turnkey) projects where the scope, requirement, development, testing, change management, sing-offs are fully defined and agreed.

Pure On Site:

On-Site model is preferred when requirement and scope is not well-defined. Task specific development, delivery and maintenance are done from Customer Site on T&M basis.

Pure Offshore:

Offshore Development will cater to Fixed Bid (Turnkey) projects where the scope, requirement, development, testing, change management, sing-offs are fully defined and agreed.

Pure On Site:

On-Site model is preferred when requirement and scope is not well-defined. Task specific development, delivery and maintenance are done from Customer Site on T&M basis.

Hybrid Effort:

Design and maintenance is at customer site and the development in Offshore. This approach is adopted when project needs coordinated effort and some portion of the requirement evolves during the project development phase.


Given large scale migration of deployment to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS models, support is provided from offshore on agreed maintenance contracts and based on number of tickets.


Our rates are flexible depending on the technology, complexity and delivery schedules. We provide our rates along with the Statement of Works for the project.

Please send us details of your project at for our rates.


Fixed Bid: Projects will be billed against milestones. The completion of the Project is time-sensitive and both parties to comply with project timelines.

Time & Material: Billed on time utilized by resource committed to the assignment. Additional efforts to be billed at agreed rates.

On Site: Short Term: Services of our consultants are available for evaluation, requirement gathering, integration testing, implementation and knowledge transfer. The charges will be Offshore Rate plus Expenses (Air Travel, Lodging, Local Travel, and Incidental) or on Per Diem basis+ Air Travel.

On Site: Long Term: Services will be provided as needed. Normally the cost for Visa, Living and Incidental expenses will be covered in the service charges. Air Travel expenses and Service Cost for additional effort will be billed as applicable.

On site rates depend on the city of deployment.

Success Characteristics

  • Low TCO
  • Business Ethics
  • Outcome Certainty
  • Passionate Professionals
  • Aligning solutions with the needs
  • Small,Cohesive and Productive Team
  • Clear Communication and Conversation
  • Building smart solutions for smart devices
  • Responsive, Flexible and Stable Leadership
  • Experts in Agile and Water-fall Methodologies
  • Factoring customer values in building solutions
  • Creating and Adopting Innovative Ideas/Methods
  • Intelligent listeners to understand customer needs
  • Technology Focus and Specialties In-house Trained
  • Expat Management - International Learning on Quality
  • Motivating, investing in building people talent in-house
  • Welded to human values for better products and outcomes
  • Single Point of Contact, Ownership and Delivery Commitment
  • Operating in Low Cost Locations Where Highly Skilled Resources are Available
  • 5 Years in Industry Crossing Lean Patches and Troubled Times - Proven Sustainability

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