Biogas plant in operation in Easwari engineering college , Chennai

Nagarajan Swaminathan | Dec. 27, 2022, 4:57 p.m.

Biogas plant in operation in Easwari engineering college , Chennai

We installed a biogas plant in MSME institute, Guindy , chennai.   This  biogas plant processes 100kg Food waste daily from canteen and gives back Biogas for cooking.   The plant is in   regular operation for more than a year.

The food waste from canteen is fed in to biogas plant daily with a food watse crusher coming in handy to crush vegetable, non vegeteraian food watse in the crsuher to make it as a slurry, 

The Biogas palnt essentially consists of a Biodigetser built with a floating drum gas holder on top.  The biogas is primarily collected in the floating gas holder and passed on to a Biogas balloon for accumulating a days biogas volume.  From the Biogas baloon the biogas is taken to the canteen at a distance of 50mtrs with the help of a Biogas booster which helps in maintaining the pressure for the biogas stove for cooking. The other accessories incorporated in the plant are Flow meter to measure the flow , Moisture seperator to drain if any moisture is present in the gas.   A flame arrester is also provided for additional safety to avoid backfire. 

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