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Build high-quality (mobile landing page + missed call capture) Marketing campaign

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A unique and your own mobile number. (Toll-Free on existing number) Track and record your business leads 24x7.

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What if you could capture quality leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? It's possible, if you're willing to think a little differently.

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Start Driving Leads With The Simplest Lead Gen Platform. Mobile responsive landing page + Missed Call number, Free ack msg for every lead.

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Find New Customers & Increase Sales.

Loan Marketing

loan DSAs

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connecting brands with the student

Find Channel Fast

Recruit Sales Distributors

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Increase Foot Falls to your store

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Have a greater recruiting success


fill staff vacancies Fast

What We Offer

Stardotstar - Infinite Expressions - Singular Pursuit.

  • SMSIntegra

    Bulk sms gateway / API

    Send Automated Bulk SMS Alerts. Secure & Reliable.Try it for Free! Share Files & Web Links. Save your Cost Pay Only For Deliver. Include reply Number. Free Ack. Message. Your own number as Toll-free Number.

  • VoiceIntegra

    Make Bulk Voice Calls!

    Add a Human Touch Using Your Own Language in a Voice SMS. Get A Free Trial! Call to mobile or landline. Instantly Broadcast Your Voice SMS In Any Language. School, College, clubs 100% delivery & Best price.

  • FoneKall

    Missed Call Marketing solutions

    Why companies prefer missed call over short code for there lead generation activities: (a) New concept and interesting idea (b) No financial burden put on to participant (caller) (c) Wider coverage through PSTN network (d) Easy to participate (e) Global reach (d) No hidden cost (f) Dedicated number for all activities

  • DataNectar

    The power of right targeting:

    DataNectar = 4x Better Campaign Performance. Data driven marketing. Location & Audience Targeting by DataNectar help companies promote the benefits of their products and services through Mobile Advertising. Call 98400-59095 Target based on Demographics, Behavioral, Whereabouts, Interests...

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We have serviced many big and small corporate across a wide range of industries. Our client base is ever increasing as our associations have helped businesses grow. ... To know what we can do for your business Call 98400-59095. Get a Free BulkSMS account

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