Septic tank water treatment

Nagarajan Swaminathan | June 22, 2023, 5:27 p.m.

Septic tank water treatment

Septic tank water and sewage water  at domestic levek can be treated effectively with specialised microbial cultures at the source itself with out going for any elaboate and expensive treatment plant. The out let water can be reused for gardening, washing etc and also can be charged to the ground to maintain water table. 

A consortium of Specially formulated microbes degrde the organic pollutants in the sewage water in anaerobic or facultative condition with in the septic tank.  The out let water will be clear with out foul odour, colour. The solids will be degraded and settled in the septic tank itself and the converted sludge acts asa host and propagates more bacterial growth for the treatment to be sustainable with consistent results. 

Microbion -ST 50 is a consortium of selective microbes with nutrients to augment the biological growth in the septic tank.  It is very convenient to use by simply adding the product at recommended dose mixing with water. 

 VNS Enviro offers a highly specialised microbial cultures MICROBION- ST 50 to aide in the process of degradation of organic compounds to reduce COD and BOD, MICROBION ST 50 consists of multiple cultures of microbes, ideal for organic degradation.

MICROBION  ST 50 is a consortium of high efficiency anaerobic and facultative bacterial and fungal cultures such as species of Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Aeromonas, etc. MICROBION  ST 50 s free of the harmful pathogens. MICROBION -ST 50 microbial consortiums is provided in powder form to the customers, using high quality specifically selected powder based attachment medium.       


Eco-friendly, non-flammable product; harmless to human, animal, birds or aquatic life forms.                           

Reduces COD and BOD to great extent rapidly.

Reduces turbidity. Clear water.

Accelerate the flocculation process and aides settling of the suspended molecules Control odor.

Ease of handling & use.


Application of MICROBION – ST50 does not need any expensive installation or modifications of the process equipment. For Septic tank application, dose 1kg of MICROBION – ST50 for 10000 litres of waste water at the Septic  tank. The initial incubation period is 48 hrs, After 48 hrs, a regular continuous input feed can be given to treat continuous in flow to septic tank .


Add MICROBION  ST 50 to the system during  start up , shock loads, or when the parameters show sudden spikes. Top up MICROBION – ST 50 once in a year. 

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