Chatbox to SMS - SMSIntegra API - Expand your reach with our SMS service

Admin | Nov. 17, 2021, 1:44 a.m.

Chatbox to SMS - SMSIntegra API - Expand your reach with our SMS service

Chatbox to SMS

Seamlessly move website chat conversations with prospects and customers to SMS on their mobile devices, where it suits them most.

Always on

Boost your website lead conversion rates and customer response times by capturing all enquiries 24/7.

Convert and close

Speed up your sales cycle and win more business by staying connected with your prospects and customers.

Continue conversations with customers on their mobile phones after they have closed their browser,
and create a customisable auto-response so you don’t keep them waiting in the meantime.

Best-in-class platform

  • Support for over 160 characters
  • Tailored for any use case
  • Best gateway and API in the industry

Sending replies to website enquiries as a text message ensures your recipients can conveniently continue the conversation, even when they’re on the go.

Cut through with SMS

By capturing mobile numbers upfront, cut through with customers and continue a two-way conversation with them on their mobile device.

Automate your response

Create tailored auto-responders on Chatbox to acknowledge customer enquiries, manage response times, and provide opening hours. Set up your first automatic SMS to let your prospect know you’ll follow up soon.

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