Biogas plant for Cooking use from Food waste

Nagarajan Swaminathan | June 21, 2023, 4:45 p.m.

Biogas plant for Cooking use from Food waste

Biogas is a green energy  ,can be used as a fuel for thermal application  like cooking. Biogas plants can be of use in homes, restaurants, industrial canteens, institutional canteens where food waste is generated.  

Food waste is converted as mixture of gases majorly methane and carbondioxide and traces of other gases. This biogas is a green  fuel with good calorific value. It is an alternative fuel which can be generated on the spot. This will replace the use of LPG atleast partially and will reduce cost.

Biogas plants also generate bioslurry as a waste and this slurry is a very good manure to be used as fertilizer to grow plants. 

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