Best SMS API Provider in India

Bala | Aug. 17, 2022, 7:09 p.m.

Best SMS API Provider in India

An SMS API refers to the Application Programming Interface that helps your business integrate SMS into your existing software platforms. It helps to send or receive SMS over the global telecommunication networks easily and quickly. They help to make your business operate 24/7. SMS Gateway is the most reliable and effective digital marketing tool to reach a vast number of customers. They translate the message sent and make it compatible for delivery over the network to get the targeted customers.

An SMS gateway API is ideal for industries like schools, restaurants, airlines, medical offices, banks, government agencies etc. SMS API helps to send text messages to a massive number of people in just one second. The best part of SMS API is that it does not require an internet connection. As long as the user has cell phone access, they can receive the message. Transactional SMS gateway delivers the message to the customer and then returns the delivery reports containing the information regarding delivery status and time.

Do you know what makes big businesses different from small business? It’s the strategies that they adopt to excel in the competitive market.  SMS gateway is one such strategy that helps the business to expand and grow. It is the primary marketing tool that is very effective mobile marketing today. People are highly dependent on their phones. Around 80% of the people check their phones right after they wake up. Since 98% of SMS’s are opened and read, which proves that it is the best way of communicating with the customers. This high dependency on phones has opened up opportunities for various businesses to reach a vast targeted audience. Using the transactional bulk SMS gateway is the modern way to reach out to customers with only one click and is adopted by many businesses in today’s time to stay in touch with their targeted audiences.

One of India’s best transactional SMS gateway provider is mTalkz. They provide API for every application. They even offer a broader perspective of getting in touch with potential customers, maximising the business reach. Transactional SMS comes with a six-digit personalised sender id that will go around the clock and be delivered within minutes. They enable their users to send bulk SMS easily. Various big companies like Zee group, Max Healthcare, Indian oil etc., take their services to expand their business in the market place. They guarantee lead via SMS to their users. They help to increase sales and customer satisfaction with their SMS marketing.